Roofing a house in Florida....?

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Roofing a house in Florida....?

Hello all,
I've built my own house, and have done my share of roofing jobs. A home I just bought in Florida has regular shingles, one layer, over OSB.
Here are my questions......

I plan on tearing off the existing shingles. Up north here, we usually use 15# felt, then shingle after installing ice/water shield on the edges and valleys. How is it different in Florida?

Also, I have some plumbing vents that are lined with lead over the plastic. The squirrels love chewing the lead. Up north, we just use neoprene is that different in Florida?

I'm told the lead is to help the neoprene last....but if the squirrels eat it, it won't last.

Do you do the valleys different? We usually do a woven valley.

I suppose i'll find out more next time we are down there from the locals,,,,,just thought i'd ask here.

A lot is different about Florida.....i'm used to basements, 48" frost lines, ice damming, etc,etc......

thanks, Frank D.
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not a roofer but.....

I used to live in fla and I'm pretty sure 15# felt is the norm. As you know, the sun is pretty intense in fla and can be a lot harder on materials than elsewhere. 99% of all the houses I worked on had the lead instead of the neoprene - I assume because the lead weathers better. It is also my [noprofessional] opinion that fiberglass shingles last longer than aspalt shingles in fla.

some real roofers should be along later
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To start with you don't need ice and frost in Florida. No cold weather. The lead lasts longer then the neopreme. I would use "W: channel in my valleys. Yes, #15 felt is the norm, however, I just recently heard (through the grapevine) that some areas of the south are now requiring a double layer of #15 felt. I would use a wind shingle if I lived in Florida. Hope this helps. Oh Yes, I forgot, your suppose to shoot and eat the squirrels. Squirrel pie. Its a southern thing I guess.
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Thanks guys.......
The house roof is 24 square......easy job, ranch type construction, 4/12 pitch.
If I have it done by a local roofer, the cost would be about $5,000.
I think I could do it for well under $2,000.

I just have to think a bit more on the best venting, if I want to add solar lighting, etc........

Frank D.
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I'm not a roofer either, but recently had the house inspected by a certified inspector in order to get a lower premium from State Farm (worked to the tune of $1000!!!). He mentioned the use of nails vice staples for all roofing work; more hurricane survivable supposedly.

I can get you some good squirrel recipes.....
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Originally Posted by the_tow_guy
I can get you some good squirrel recipes.....

Just when I thought I heard everything.......
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Florida building code requires *six nails per shingle*, they can be hand or power driven.

Anything over 500 sq ft will require a permit.

Use aluminum flashing for the valleys, then web the shingles over the flashing. Install a 2" drip edge all the way around, then run a course in reverse along the drip edge.

You can use 15 or 30 lb felt, 30 will last longer, and is only slightly more expensive.

Lead will last longer, but you need to keep the rodents off your roof by trimming back trees and such, if they get into the attic, they will make nests and eat the wiring.

The plastic/neoprene vent flashings will curl and crack from the constant heat and you will be up their every 6 months resealing them.

Buy all your shingles at one time, so you get the same lot color. If you have the roof shingle ready, you can have it delivered via boom and set the shingle packs on the ridge (get a few people to help on delivery day). Beats the snot out of carrying them up a ladder.

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