gutter fasteners

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gutter fasteners

I'm installing new aluminum gutters on an exsisting roof. How do I fasten the gutters so that they are under the drip edge? I assume they have to be under the drip edge so the water sheets into them.The old gutters were not under the drip edge and water got between the gutter and the fascia.Most of the clips I see wont fit under the drip edge. I see hidden clips, strap clips and the long nail hollow Aluminum rod fastener. What is the best fastener ????
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I use the gutter hanger that clips on the inside of the gutter and goes across it. It has a long screw in it I slip the gutter up under the drip cap (arg"") and drill the screw through the drip cap and top of the side of the gutter. There should be gutter apron there instead of drip cap. Hope this helps.
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First you should know that there are at least two typs of drip caps The first one that looks like a "T" with a log side that goes under the shingles and the other side that extends past the oof line about 1" and the drip edge that extends down the facia with a slight bend at the bottom. The otherdrip cap is nothing more than an L shape with a slight bend at the bottom. Hopefully, you have the previous. but if not, don't despair.

Drip caps were never intended to go over the back edge of the gutter. Gutter is supposed to slope sufficiently to drain properly. Depending on the length of gutter, the slope of the gutter would exceed the lenght of the drip caps face.

The drip cap is usually only a decorative layer of "protection" that keeps water build up for occuring behind the facia.

The order of construction process is the real culprit here, drip caps are typically applied after the facia is installed, and before the roofing system is applied. Gutters are usually, the last to go on.

If the roof is installed properly, the shingle should extend past the facia, and water should be sheeting off the shingles into the gutter.

A moderate amount of water should be expected to be diverted off the drip cap assuming that some water drafts up the edge of the shingle or is driven there because of high wind.

Allowing that the facia stick out past the siding and eerything else is sealed properly, your biggest problem over time should only be a dirty facia.

Is your goal is to keep your facia streak free? or to have your gutter system perform as designed.

The method of securing the fgutter to the facia is a matter of asthetics, I agree with Jack the Contractor I prefer hidden (concealed) brackets that hook under the front of the gutter nad screw into the back of the bracket to spikes and ferrels or facia brackets that the gutter is strapped into.
But thats just a personal choice.

Good Luck

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