Overhang wood rot

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Overhang wood rot


I'm trying to do some repairs on an old craftsman style home. It has gutters installed but the wood of the overhang (under the shingles but not the fascia board that the gutters are attached to) has started to rot very badly. Is there a way of fixing this without taking off shingles? It's only a few feet long but it's rotted between 2 of the rafter beams.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Cant see it . You might try a metal drip edge there if it will fit. Also might bend a metal flashing that would slid under the shingles some and down into the gutter. So water dont get on the roof wood there. You will have to fix the wood on the roof when you get new shingles.
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The shingles are fine, they don't need replacing just the boards under them (maybe this is called the eaves, sorry, I'm not a carpenter or roofer). The board is a 1x4 that is part of the overhang. It runs somewhat parallel to the ground as part of the overhang.

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Roof Repairs

The boards on top of the rafters and supporting the shingles are called roof sheathing. As you mentioned, the boards behind and supporting the gutter are called fascia boards. If you have horizontal boards from the back of the fascia to the wall of the house, these are called soffit boards. Which of the above are rotted?
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I'm pretty sure you mean the soffit, AKA eves; you mean the part that's like the outdoor "ceiling"?

Those boards are not structural and may be pulled out and replaced. They only serve to hide the framing and keep bats out. You will also have to remove a good length of trim where the boards meet the house wall. That trim could be impossible to match without getting a new piece custom milled so please handle carefully.

The boards themselves were supposed to be tongue & groove like flooring. So to fit in new you have to pry a lot more loose than just the ones replaced. Working overhead, on a scaffold, fitting individual boards, it takes time. The carpenter will probably make these boards to exact size and matching profile. That's if you're going to restore as the house was built, as devotee to the Craftsman cult.

The easier solution is to cut out the adjacent tongues of good boards, and just surface nail plain-edged new boards.


If you mean the 1x4s your original wood shingles were nailed to then I just blathered, and no, they can't be replaced until the shingles come off - probably best wait 'till the whole roof is due. A band-aid solution might be possible.
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Since the poster mentioned "it's rotted between 2 of the rafter beams" I'm wondering if this house has exposed rafters (no soffit) and they are looking up at the sheathing that is on top of the rafters, which appears rotted from below.

If that's the case... no, you can't replace those boards without removing the shingles. Not unless you have a magic wand!

But if it's a 1x4 that is near the bottom of the fascia, and parallel to the ground it probably is a soffit board, which has nothing to do with the shingles. It can be easily replaced, no magic wand needed.

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