missing shingle

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missing shingle

I Noticed I Have One Missing Shingle On The Front Of My Roof. Is It Hard To Replace The Shingle And How Soon Should I Do It. Is It Something I Can Do Myself Or Should I Call A Roofer?
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Good morning and welcome to the forums!

Yes, this is something you can do yourself if you feel comfortable getting on the roof.

You'll need these materials and tools:

* replacement shingles
* roofing nails
* roofing cement


* hammer
* utility knife
* long knife
* small piece of plywood.

STEP 1: Cut through sealer strips

If installed properly, each shingle should have eight nails holding it in place: four in the middle, about inch above the tab cutouts (these four nails also go through the top of the shingle below), and four along the top (these four nails are pounded through the middle of the shingle above). See the diagram that shows how shingles are installed.

To replace one shingle, you need to loosen at least three shingles: the one being replaced and the two shingles on the two rows above the damaged shingle. You will need to cut through the sealer strip (also called "adhesive line") on these shingles. The sealer strip is a dashed line of asphalt adhesive that runs across the middle of the shingle. To loosen, slide a long knife, putty knife or small crowbar under the damaged shingle. The tool must reach over halfway up the shingle. Slide it along the entire length of the shingle. Repeat this procedure for the shingles on the two rows above the damaged shingle.

STEP 2: Remove nails along middle of damaged shingle

You do not want to crack or split the shingles above or below the damaged shingle. Carefully slide a pry bar under the damaged shingle. You might want to slide a piece of plywood under the pry bar to protect the shingle underneath. Gently pry up the damaged shingle, being careful not to damage the shingles above. You do not need to pry the damaged shingle up very far-just enough to loosen the four middle nails.

Remove the pry bar and plywood. Carefully lift up the tabs on the shingle above the damaged shingle. Work the nails (in the middle of the damaged shingle) back and forth with your fingers until you can remove them.

STEP 3: Repeat procedure on next level

Remove the four nails holding down the top of the damaged shingle. Because these nails are also holding down the middle of the shingle just above, you will need to gently pry up this shingle to loosen nails.

Carefully slide the pry bar under the shingle just above the damaged shingle. Repeat the previous procedure to loosen nails. You do not need to remove these nails. Loosen them just enough so they no longer go through the damaged shingle.

STEP 4: Remove shingle

Slide out the damaged shingle. Use it to size the replacement shingle (if it is not full width.)

STEP 5: Replace shingle

Make sure the replacement shingle is the same size as the old shingle. If not, use a utility knife to cut to fit. Slide new shingle into place, and set flush with adjacent shingles. It should fit snugly.

STEP 6: Nail

Attach shingle with roofing nails. To prevent leaks, pound nails in already existing holes. If this is not possible, seal the existing nail holes in the shingles with roofing cement.

You will probably need to pound in the nails after you have laid all the shingles flat. This means you will have to hit the nails through the shingle immediately above. To prevent damaging the shingles, place a board on top of the shingle and hit the hammer on the board.

STEP 7: Cement

Cover all the nails with roofing cement. Press the upper shingles on top of the cement to seal. You may need to weight it down overnight. Article courtesy of :

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