re-roofing question

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re-roofing question

My house has a family room which extends from the back of the house with 3 sides facing West, North, and East. I had an infrequent leak on the West facing roof, which the roofer called a "snow trap" after heavy snow that sat on the roof for a week +/-. Pulling the snow off stopped the leak.

The exterior is aluminum siding and roof shingles are Owens Corning 20 year shingles.

Now for the question:

I had the roof on the West face torn off and ice guard put on from eave to the ridge and re-shingled. the original rofing job only had ice guard up 3 feet and felt paper from 3 feet to the peak.

The roof of the family room intersects the wall of the main "box" of the house, so there is siding running on the main house wall that intersects this family room roof.

The original siding job had j-channel and step flashing up the rise on the roof at the wall/roof intersection. The roofer did not replace the j-channel when the roof was re-applied as outlined above. Now the cut ends of the aluminum siding butt to the shingles with no j-channel or step flashing. He did install felt paper up under the siding and forced the siding back onto the shingles with a friction fit at the shingle. The siding is still nailed to the side wall from the original installation.

My intuition says this was not done correctly and I need someone who knows to give me some information so I can raise the issue with the roofer, if in fact there is an issue.

Thanks to anyone who can give me some advice.
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all that water-ice guard should stop the leaks.

I have heard too many horror stories about roof jobs talking with various homeowners in my area. It seems like everyone has his or her own roof horror story.
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Step-Flashing is the only product I would ever trust. Even without any Ice and Storm shield, SF wouldn't leak.
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Take a look at your insulation above that area. Ice dams are caused by heat melting the bottom layer of snow, which leaks down toward the eave and refreezes. When it no longer has anyplace for the water to go it backs up into the shingles and eventually into the house. Find the source of the heat loss and you will prevent the ice dams from forming in the first place. Consider the addition of more insulation. Many companies have thermal imaging equipment that can pinpoint exactly what is going on with heat loss and moisture infiltration.

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