water seeping in basement around pipe

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water seeping in basement around pipe

My house is 50 yrs old, and the sewer pipe is in the basement, about 20" below grade outside. During rains, especially when the gutters have been clogged, I get seepage around the pipe where it enters the basement. There are some cracks around the pipe, and I can feel the moisture. The water then collects at that floor of the basement where it meets the wall.

I can excavate the exterior around the pipe, but would like to know the best way to seal around the pipe and the leaking are below grade, before using Thoroseal or some other waterproofing compound inside. I am assuming that I should elminate the external source before attempting to seal off the water from the inside. Also, how deep below the pipe should I did, and should I use rocks to help with drainage around the pipe, so water does not gather at the current point of entry.

The basement wall appears to be concrete block, and also wonder if water is getting into the block, as well as into the house. The water flow into the house is not bad, but want to fix the situation early.

Thanks for any help or guidance
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I've done a lot of exterior water proofing and we always dug to the footing because the cracks may go down that far. We would dry the wall with a torch and spray it with some liquid we called leche (milk) Then we use a membrane that came on a roll and stuck it to the wall. Number 8 gravel was thrown at the bottom of the hole before we back filled.

However, if you are sure that it's just the area around the pipe, I would use expandable cement. You can use it both inside and out. It comes in a small can. You have to mix it and apply it fast, since it sets up in a few minutes. It expands inside the crack.

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