1/12" roof pitch?

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1/12" roof pitch?

HELP PLEASE! 1/12" pitch porch roof leaked for years, replaced ceiling tiles 2 times then I noticed a musty smell coming from the porch. I ripped down the 12X12 tiles to find mold ,wet insulation, and decking on the lower end of the roof almost soft enough to poke my finger through. I am going to replace decking and rafters. I have 2 queations, 1 is what kind of roofing(shingles, rubber, or roll) should I use? I live in indiana so i get a little bit of everything for weather(rain,snow,ice). 2 is should I put insulation and ceiling tiles back up on the inside? I thought about just leaving it bare and just painting the inside.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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A 1/12 roof cannot be shingled, it must be roofed with a material intended for "flat" roofs.

What I'm increasingly seeing at home inspections here in Chicago, installed as a retro-fit on such porches as an alternative to flexible membranes, is metal roofing, which can go down to .5 / 12.
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I would look at 2-ply or even three-ply, self adhesive membranes rolls that will ensure your porch roof doesn't leak again. As a distant alternative, you could go with a full coverage of Ice&Water shield products (membranes in a roll, also) to make sure your roof is waterproof. But that would have to be covered with something...

Further shingles will not last especially in Indiana where you do get the odd snow storm, therefore water seapage up underneath the shingle...

Either way, you are applying membranes instead of shingles. But now that you're putting in new rafters and sheathing, you might as well protect those by doing it right...

As for question #2, I would insulate it...It will become what is called a warm roof since there may not be any ventilation of the roof. If you have 2x6" rafters, put up some Roxul or equivalent batten insulation, then vapour barrier then covering of your choice. You got the musty smell from the molds feeding on the wood or the ceiling tiles - both of which contain cellulose.

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