Roof moss

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Roof moss

I have a 20 year old roof that has developed moss. I cut back the offending trees, but still need to remove the moss. After some research, I cam upon the product of "roof reviver". Has anyone used this product? If so, did you find it effective?

I would also be interested in any other products that others may have tried as well. I live in Ohio.

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There are many roof cleaning products and services available. Moss is shallow rooted and can be removed by brushing downward on asphalt shingles to remove moss and roots. Moss is a concern because of roots and moss's retention of moisture on the roof can shorten the life of shingles. This is usually a problem where trees keep roof shaded and in areas that take longer to dry after dew or rainfall.
Algae tends to stain and to be more difficult to remove. Multiple applications of non-chlorine bleach cleaners may be necessary. Cleaners are also effective for loosening shallow roots of moss. Many find copper strips effective for preventing moss and algae growth on roofs.
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Laundry detergent with bleach kills moss

I've several friends that recommended using a laundry detergent with bleach (like Tide..) to kill moss on my roof.
With this type of product I am able to pack it in my hand like a snowblall and throw it up at the peak of the roof which otherwise is a real chore to climb up to. Within a season the moss has died and is washed down, filling the gutters.
I would be interested in feedback from anyone having any further info about this proceedure.
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Use the Moss Specific Products

Removing moss is important and is usually easier when the moss is dead. While laundry detergent may kill moss it may not be that effective and probably won't prevent moss from coming back. Moss killer products usually do a better job and even can prevent moss from growing back (they are likely safer on the environment also since most detergents should go through waste water treatment instead of running into streams or groundwater). The granulated and powdered moss killers that you get at Lowe's, Home Depot, Ace.... are effective and even prevent moss from growing back.
Shawn Smith

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Tom Silva of Ask This Old House did a segment on this a couple of years ago. Visit the This Old House web site and search for garage roof moss.

He sprayed the roof with a water/bleach mix and then added sacrificial zinc strips to the shingles to keep the moss from returning.,00.html

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