Roof Shingles Popping Off

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Roof Shingles Popping Off

My mother had a new roof put on 7 years ago (tear down) and new gutters. Two spots are starting to pop up and one spot along the edge next to the gutters has rotted wood.

I've had 4 roofers up there and all said the wood was not nailed across 3 trusses or there was not enough of a gap for expansion and it was causing the shingles to pop. I called the company that did the work and he claims the problem is that there is not enough vents. I asked if the roof needed more vents then why wasn't it done? This is the third roof and the first 2 did not do this. Said he didn't know. I also had a friend say that if the roof needed more vents, then the shingles normally curl and not pop up. Is this true?

They also put new gutters on and the wood is rotting next to the gutter where water overflows the gutter. In the winter a big thick sheet of ice forms and the mailman won't deliver the mail and I'm afraid that my 82 year old mother is going to kill herself. If there is not enough downspouts and the water is overflowing can that cause the roof to rot?

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One thing is for sure. Overflowing gutters can cause big problems. I'm working in a house that had water damage in four different rooms due to that. I sent a gutter guy there since I couldn't see anything wrong with the roof. He said the gutters were packed to the top.

I'm not sure about needing more ridge vents. It doesn't sound right if there were no problems prior to the current roof.
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Adequate attic ventilation is important. Heat buildup in attic can cook shingles. Symptoms often appear as raised and cupped shingles. Adequate insulation in attic and sealing of all gaps where warm, moist air can escape into attic is important. Ridge vent with soffit vents tends to be the most popular type of attic ventilation.

Rotted wood along gutters sounds like roofers did not install drip edge, which is metal edging that is installed along edge of roof and beneath the row of shingles along the edge of roof. Too, it sounds like there is a problem with ice dams in winter. This is where snow melts and freezes in gutters and the ice gets shoved up along and beneath shingles. Gutters are full and melting ice/snow can form huge icesicles and sheets of ice on porch or deck. Undersized gutters and clogged gutters and downspouts can also contribute to the problem.
Ice dams can cause moisture to not only back up under roofing but into attic and down walls and ruin insulation. Controlling ice dams requires adequate attic ventilation and sealing all gaps where heat can escape from heated area below into attic. Read more about ice dams:

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