Roofing repair advice

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Roofing repair advice

Well I'm looking to do some repairs to my patio roof this spring. I need some ideas or thoughts as to how I should go about repairing this before I either do it myself or if I'll need a contractor.

The image you see is my house from google earth from Phoneix, AZ. I threw this together in about 5 mins so just bare with me and I'll try my best to explain my sitsuation.

The lime green is the lining on my house so you can get a better idea how its shapped and where its slopes. The red boxes are rooms. The problem is the blue X. Its sagging and it leaks water bad. It caused parts of the ceiling drywheel to fall down. This room is not much concern since its just a closet that I havent used yet.

So I checked to see the reasons on what would cause that and its the roof and how it has been roofed from the pervious owners. Everything from the top of the white line to the bottom is flat roof. Its about 30 ft x 40 ft. Problem is when they rolled out roofing they didnt either do a proper job or what. But that leak area has about 3 to 4 peices of roofing patched over. The roof is flat with no slope for water run off at all.

The blue box is extended roofing added on about 30 years ago and the orginal patio was turned into a living room. This patio is huge as you can see and takes a good chunk out of my yard. The pink lines are beams that are running. Those 3 in the center between the red boxes are directing from the roof to the supporting pillars marked as the yellow dots. I was told that thats pretty dangerous because of how long they are. I also have some minor leaks where those little blue x's are at.

This whole patio is just has roll out roofing with minor bumps and has no order of overlapping the next roll out. Water just sits up there when it rains.

Now my options are these:

1) Remove the whole patio roof to open up my backyard
better and just re-roof the rooms that need it.
2) Re-roof the roof but do it the right way.
3) Cut some inches out of the pillars to cause the roof to slope a little and re-roof the roof.

Sorry for such a long explaintion and thanks for any input.

Edit: Also I want to add, half of the patio has a little slope like any other normal patio roof does, but the extended part doesnt continue. Its level for about 15 ft. Also the rest of the roof is good outside and from the inside of the attic. Only problem is when the last owners roofed it, they just roofed over the old stuff.
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You mentioned sagging. Is there damage to the joists? It sounds like the closed in patio wasn't designed to code and needs to be rebuilt or removed. You might want to have an architect look at it before you make a decision. I think the roof is the second problem, not the first.

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