New bay window leaking through window seat

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Unhappy New bay window leaking through window seat

Just had a new bay window put in Nov. 2008 Contractor never measured how far out the window should go. I now have this huge window that sticks out further than roof line. From top of window to soffit there is only about 6 inches so they put this tiny roof on the window. Water coming in where wooden seat meets bottom of vinyl window. Contractor refusing to take any responsibility. I also have pictures if anyone wants to see them.

What should I do, none of my other windows are leaking. I am so frustrated with him.
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sounds like the roof pitch over the bay window may be too slight,Also comes to mind,why would the window protected mostly by the overhang leak at 1)unless there`s an ice and water backup,traveling from the upper roof down the wall to the window,or 2)the bay roof 6" that juts out past the overhang is not flashed properly, so the water gets in above, travels down the vinyl window to dump water on the window seat
I would like to see exterior pics of the windows roof
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Hi Rose and welcome to the board. First you need to get some idea as to where the leak is coming from. As the roofing god pointed out, it can be a leak associated with the window installation, or it can be a leak associated with an ice dam, which can be related to the window installation.

Pictures would help, inside and out. But some questions as well. Do you have an ice build-up on the roof above the window and if so is that normal or new since the window was installed? Is there soffit venting above the window and not blocked by snow, ice or was removed by contractor.

Get some pictures, seems to be a popular place to post them, then post the link over here. Be nice, but document all conversations and save all paperwork. Verbal contracts are binding here in Maine and you are protected by some of the strongest consumer laws in the nation. I can direct you to the states web site if that becomes necessary.

A quick peak with an Infrared camera might give you some pictures to support your issue and encourage your contractor to fix the problem. The seat area is just where you are seeing the water, but I suspect it is coming from above. A friendly energy auditor might be able to help you out there.

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Water could be entering the window assembly and/or the wall around it or number of reasons, sometimes the reason for water penetration is immediately apparent to a skilled observer, however often it is necessary to remove exterior window trim and/or siding to determine the cause(s) of water entry.

One thing that could be contributing to the problem is a missing or incorrect sill pan flashing:

There are a number of ways to construct these flashings, some like the one above are pre-manufactured, some are made of flexible membranes and formed on-site as the window is installed.

If the sill pan is missing/incorrect and there is water penetration into the window assembly for any reason, water may not be conducted to the exterior in a controlled manner, you will get "water coming in where wooden seat meets bottom of vinyl window".

If a contractor refuses to ackknowledge responsibility for installation problems that result in water leakage at a window one option I suggest to my home inspection clients is to determine if the window's manufacture or distributor has a "field service rep." (the name varies from company to company) who comes out and inspects leaking windows to determine if this is a warranty issue.

Usually, it is not - the problem is with the window's installation - however if you get the field service rep and the contractor out there at the same time it's a lot harder for the contractor to disclaim responsibility when the manufacturer's representative is standing there and pointing at the the page in the manufacturers installation instruction that shows how it should have been done...

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