NEw roof install help

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NEw roof install help

I am going to be installing a new roof on my garage in a month or so and I have never layed a shingled roof before. I have a few questions and hopefully you can give me any tips to make it easier. I will pretty much be doing this work by myself. The garage roof is about four squares ( 2 per side) and everything is straight with no penetrations. I will tear everthing off.

1) is tear off easy with a standard shovel and prybar
2) Do I need ice shield if it is a detached unheated garage
3) should I use a hammer to nail shingles or rent a pnuematic nailer
4) Can the shingles be laid one row at a time ( as long as you stagger each of them). Articles I see show them installing diagonally.
5) do they sell precut ridge shingles

Any other tips. Thanks
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Since noone has yet to reply.....

I am not a "roofer" but I have done a number of roofs on my own properties, so I will give you some general guidelines and opinions. First of all, the hammer/prybar and hammer/air nailer questions are a matter of economics. There are special shingle remover tools that are quite reasonably priced at the box stores. The hammer/rent question is a matter of saving time and a slightly better install. The nailer will drive the nails straight and to a precise depth vrs a hammer method that will have mis-hits and overstrikes. If you have never hammered that much in one day, you will be amazed how quickly your arm tires an your "aim" deteriorates.

The installation and stagger will be determined by the length of the run. Simply determine how many shingles will be required for the run and divide the remaining length by either 2 or 3, depending on the stagger you decide upon. 3 looks better, 2 is easier. Either way, you do not want a small segment at either end. If your end result will leave you with a small "sliver" of a shingle, then adjust it so that the small part will only be on one end. There are a lot of small things that make the job easier and a much cleaner install, so I would just go the the box store and buy a book and that way you will have it right there as you go through the nunances of the job.

There is no need for the ice shield. The moisture that creates the ice dam comes from the heated house melting the snow and creating ice. That will not happen in most garages (mine is heated tho,lol)

And finally, yes, they do sell precut ridge shingles. A VERY good idea. Good luck

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