Small Roof over exterior door - What's it called?

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Talking Small Roof over exterior door - What's it called?

Just discovered this site. Looks great!

I have a 50+ year old stucco house that I have spent the last 2 years renovating and updating (wish I had found this site earlier!). It has a sliding door on the back of the house that is basically flush with the stucco. The sun shines through the door a lot and when it rains, a lot of water runs down the door which adds to the work of keeping it clean. I will eventually add a sloped roof above the door to keep the sun and rain off. I plan on attaching it to the wall only, with no support posts, as it will not be large. I am basically planing on a headder board attached to the wall with triangles on each end, plywood roof,flashing and paper and shingles. I have questions.

1. What are these kind of roofs called?
2. Any suggestions or comments on other materials or construction?
3. Are today's construction adhesives, rated for exterior use, up to the task?
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I would call this a skirt roof, construction terms are used so loosely that i'm sure other people have other names for it

Have you considered installing a pre-built awning? There are so many different styles and features available, and they're extremely easy to install.
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A picture would help.

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I have heard these roof sections called "eyebrows" in the northwest. I don't know about the materials and such, but that term may help you to get info.
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An eyebrow is only an "eyebrow" when it is shaped like one. The distinctive shape makes it an eyebrow. (gentle curve on each side, leading up to the larger arc in the center... just like an eyebrow!) You often see an eyebrow roof over an entry door on a house that also has eyebrow dormers, or eyebrows over windows.

Its hard to tell what type of roof Rusty is trying to describe... if he doesn't come back we may never know... but it just sounds like a shed (or lean-to) roof to me, closed in on each end. Could also be a hip roof, can't tell by his description. And yes, the terminology probably varies from place to place.

I also thought an awning might be a better solution, and would address his biggest complaints- sun and occasional rain. Attaching anything structural on top of stucco is a bad idea if you don't know where the studs are... not to mention the potential of creating a leak when the stucco is penetrated. The right way to attach a new roofline would be to cut and remove stucco, attach directly to framing members and flash the stucco. Probably not a DIY job if you want to do it right. And no, you wouldn't rely on construction adhesive to hold something like this onto the house.

An awning could be installed on top of the stucco... and sealed to the stucco with sealant. An awning would have nowhere near the weight that a structural roof would have, and would only need a few anchors to hold it in place.

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