Patio Roof Leak

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Patio Roof Leak

Water is running down the middle of my patio roof,
but it is not going into the gutter. The facia board
that the gutter is attached to is covered with white
aluminum. Water is seeping under the aluminum
and dripping directly onto the ground. The leak
is about the width of two shingles

I tried using a garden hose to find the location of
the leak. I started spraying water at the bottom of
the roof, nearest the gutter. When I was halfway
up the roof the leak started.

Short of ripping off all the shingles and putting on
a new roof, is there anything I can do? The shingles
look good. They are all intact and there is no distortion
or cupping.
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Do you know how old the existing shingles are. As they get old they become impossible to work with, which would mean the problem area would have to be replaced.

Is the roof exposed to view, where cosmetics are an issue. New shingles will never match the old.

As for stopping the leak without lifting some shingles, no ideas.

If they are good and flexible, on a warn not hot day, you can possibly lift a few and see what is happening.

Lets see what others say.

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I'm wondering if the facia is wrapped in aluminum to avoid painting? You might be able to lift the shingles and slide a drip edge (or even just some flashing) underneath, that would then direct everything into the gutter.

Sounds like the shingles don't hang over enough for the slope of the roof.
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I'm glad I never knew the contractors who installed new facia boards and gutters
on my house.

When I lifted the edge of the shingles I was upset (to put it mildly!) by what I saw.
They used a bending break to create a one piece cover for the facia boards.
Fine, so far. The problem is there was no drip edge! There was nothing under the
shingles to allow the flow of water to go directly into the gutter. What I can't
figure out is why the facia board wasn't completely destroyed years ago. The leak
started maybe three months ago. Somehow, the water was going into the gutter
for years, even though there was nothing to channel the water into the gutter.

I'm not going to even try to figure out what the contractors thought they were

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