roofers ripoff

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Unhappy roofers ripoff

I had a leak in the ceiling in garage, so we had a roofer guy to come out to do the estimate, the area is between siding and the roof, He looked at it and said he will do water test before making any conclusion where the water came out from, he said it might be siding, all this he was telling to my husband, i was not around. we paid him 45 for estimate and did not hire him yet to do anything, we fixed the area of the window and siding around window on 2 nd floor, because that might be the problem.
After nine monthes it started get wet again , we forgot about what he told us and i hurried up and hired same guy and another guy from same roofing company to fix the leak, i mentioned the roof. i do not know whether it was miscommunication .
he did not do water test and i signed the contract that he will replace shingles in the roof, and i paid 1,000.00 dollars. he said he knows exactly where it is leaking. after replacing shingles with my material, he left, it started raining and leak continued as if nothing was done. i called them, they come over to do water test and they wanted more money $640 to fix the siding. i got frustrated that they did not do the water test it is as if they want more job created for them to do.
is there any way to get something out of this situation to help me? i was on the roof myself today to fix siding with silicon myself. it was not roof, it was siding.
he showed me where the problem was. thta';s about all i got going for me, actually i did not need the roof to be replaced, because it was 3 year roof, not old.
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I'm sorry for your bad experience. Get everything in writing, including what it might be, how to fix it, etc. Get 3 estimates for work, choose wisely. Straight silicon caulk is horrible to remove, the wood fibers separate before the caulk does. Be safe, G
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im a roofing contractor here in arizona and have to say that sometimes a leak is hard to find, but you could call the registrar of contractors and file a complaint. after all hes the professional and is suppose to know what hes doing. seeing as the roof was only a few years old he should have been able to be fixed it. i here and see this happen all the time. point is that he told you that was the cause so what ever it takes to fix it is his responsibility. call the registrar of contractors in your state, he will contact him and believe me he doesnt want that.

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