tile roof ridge issue

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tile roof ridge issue

I posted the message below about a week ago and since I didn't get any replies I'm thinking I probably wasn't clear on what I was looking for; obviously you guys can't give me an educated opinion on whether to do this repair without seeing my roof, but basically I'm wondering in general from you roofers out there that don't have a vested interest in whether I do this or not if in general this condition would be a concern to you. From my reading on line, it sounds like maybe any water getting under roof tiles would just run on top of the underlayment and this is not a big deal? I'm thinking that if the ridge board did eventually start to rot because of being exposed, I would just replace it then and the cost probably wouldn't be much greater than I'm being quoted to "fix" the existing problem. Anybody have any thoughts on that approach?
I recently purchased a 1975 rancher which has a Spanish terracotta tile roof (roof is at least 15 years old maybe even original). I had a number of leaks and had estimates from 4 roofers; the leaks were around flashing and vent stacks. Also, 2 of the 4 roofers stated that my roof ridge may be leaking or be prone to leaks (one claimed it was critical, one said it might be a problem). The ridge consists of tile arches placed directly on top of a vertical 1x6 so there are gaps under the barrel roof tiles that expose the bare wood of the ridge beam. The claim is that wind blown rain can blow into these gaps and under the tiles and also rot the ridge beam (it would have to blow in several inches past the cover provided by the arch). The repair estimate is very high and I frankly can't afford it; it would consist of removing the ridge tiles, providing a water proof membrane / barrier of some kind over the bare wood, and mortaring all the openings. The roofer I went with to repair the flashings is from what I can tell one of the more experienced tile roofers in the area and said the ridge looks fine and any wind blown rain getting in is minimal and would just run down the heavy duty roof sheathing. I hope he is right but wanted other opinions.
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I'm not a roofer, but a General Contractor. If the Professional roofer on site saw the paper, I would believe him. Your description is standard practices for tile, it hasn't changed much since the '70's.

The lack of replies may be that you had a pro check and answer you already.

Don't let this discourage you from asking. Be safe, G
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im a roofing contractor and if you can see bare wood then some one did a poor job. first the flashing's should be water tight with the underlayment, felt, second the ridge board should be 2X6 not 1X6 and should have been wrapped with roofing felt, #30 or #40 lb. with the pipes and flashing's water tight with the underlayment it wouldnt hurt to have water get under, in fact a lot of roofs do that. you see the roofing felt is water tight and the tile protects the felt from the sun to make it last.

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