Gutters: seamless vs DIY

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Gutters: seamless vs DIY

I need new gutters. Plan to have seamless installed on 2nd story. Am thinking of DIY on the 1st floor. Priced stuff at Lowe's and it will be only slightly more than $1/foot.

Questions: will the joints be obvious (Lowe's sells 10' sections) and will they look tacky and/or amateurish? Obviously looking for opinions here. Thanks.
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Yes....compared to the seamless..they will look cheap and bad. Why don't you just ask the company doing the 2nd story to run you off enough for the 1st floor and provide all the attachments and materials..then do it yourself on the install. Most companies would have no problem with this I would think...they still make money.
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Gunguy's advice is right on. Even better, offer them cash for the lower piece. You could end up getting a much better deal, especially if the installers plan on pocketing that cash.

Seamed gutters are almost guaranteed to leak over time. I've uninstalled and crushed up miles (no joke) of DIY sectional gutters.

Even better, while the piece is being rolled out, ask them to make the downspout, rather than just leaving you the supplies. A pro can do this in very little time and it'll save you the trouble of trying to do it yourself.
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Huh. I didn't know you could get seamless gutters anywhere. Well, we just installed Home Depot 10' gutters around our garage, something like 33' total. I used the sealant caulk and a pop riveter with those 4" wide connector pieces, and I have to say, it looks great, really professional, not tacky at all. My first time installing gutters. No leaks so far, and it's been almost a week now, ha ha.

Still, even if the connections started to leak after just one year, I won't be too worried. It's the garage, not over the front door, and even a big leak would still be a HUGE improvement over the waterfall it was with no gutters.

Point being, if you can't take Gunguy's/Rob's advice, don't worry about sectionals having a tacky appearance. Leaking might be another story.
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Seamed gutters look cheap in my opinion and each seam WILL eventually become a leak, probably in about 5 years depending on your climate. The freeze thaw kills the seams. Each seam is a maintenance point.

In addition home cheapo gutter is .027 aluminum. Cheap. A gutter contractor, such as myself, will install .032 aluminum. Material cost increase is minimal, the extra 5 mills makes a huge difference in terms of the durability and impace resistance of the gutter.

If the gutter contractor is legitimate offering cash won't entice a lower price. I know for me it's more hassel to account for cash than for a check. Plus offering cash is an insulat in my opinion infering that I intend to cheat my responsibilities Ie: insurance and taxes.

My gutter crew can knock out 2 average houses a day easy in an 8 hour day complete gutters and downspout included.

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