roff run off problem

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roff run off problem

I have lived in this house about six months, but only recently noticed that I have run off problem. The rain water exits the top gutter and basically splits the where the porch begins causing a portion of the rain water to pour off the side of the porch roof. Needless to say, this is causing some landscape erosion, but I am more worried about soffit & fascia damage.

I spoke with the builder and he is willing to correct the problem, but says he is not sure what to do. He is going to have the gutter installer take a look sometime this week.

If anyone has a suggestion on how to correct this situation I would appreciate it. What about putting a 90 deg "A" style elbow where the water exits the upper gutter to force the water out over the main part of the roof?

Many thanks in advance!


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As far as the gutters are concerned, you could patch the hole (or install a new piece), reslope it and put the pipe either on the front wall next to the window (shown in blue), or on the side wall just around the corner, with an extension on the pipe so it is brought right in to the lower trough (green).

The second option looks better, but it can only be done if there is enough roof space; I can't tell from the picture. Also putting the pipe here will prevent water from sitting in the corner, assuming the gutters are properly sloped.

These changes will reduce the amount of water coming in to this valley, but it won't eliminate the problem of water clinging to the underside of the fascia. Hopefully someone else can provide a better solution for this issue.

Just curious, where is this house located?

note: I feel really bad for making these suggestions, as it must have been really difficult to install these gutters. I'm sure the installers will be upset about having to go back to make the changes. If they do come back, offer them a beer or at least coffee when the work is done

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