Leaf Gaurd Gutters

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Leaf Gaurd Gutters

OK, sometime ago I posted my troubles with my gutters under another thread.

Long story short, a Leaf Gaurd salesman just left my house. I don't know if I am just weak from;

  • - 4 years of paying over $500 per year for gutter maintenance contracts
  • - still having clogged gutters!!!
  • - water that rests on the ground along my foundation!!!
  • - the relatively new gutters that are already pulling away from my house!

But the result is that I am weak and want to pull the trigger on a Leaf Gaurd system (they are sold through Costco in my area and how could Costco be bad??? ).

At a total price of somewhere between $5,000 and $6,000.

Am I crazy??? Am I drunk??? Beer 4U2

The "weak" me wants to ask; "has anyone used Leaf Gaurd and had a positive result?" Because it will take just one, one person to push me over the edge right now :Peeping On U2:
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I have no info to give you as my feelings on the leaf guard system you are using. But are you looking for other alternatives so you can get rid of what you have?

All I can say is I looked into many different systems myself and compaired cost and ease of use and made a really easy pick when I went with gutterbrush (.com) did my trilevel house in about 20 mins myself and for a cost of about 400.00 including shipping.
Best of luck to you tho on this area.
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Hello Joel/All,

I am still looking for a product that will work in my situation. I have been researching for a few weeks now (since my brother said I was crazy for considering a $6000 solution). Here's what I have found so far;

There are 3 basic system "types" -

1. Gutter screens - these sit on top of the gutter and keep debris from getting in. It seems like the better ones have metal frames and stainless steel mesh covering them.

2. Reverse Curve - these are the Leaf Guard type systems. The basically use water surface tension to draw the water into the gutter. (Ironically, the leaf guard salesman never called me back. It may have to do with my promise to be on them with constant pressure if I had problems with the leaf guard system.)

3. Brush/foam "filler" solutions - gutter brush, gutter filter, etc. These basically fill the gutter cavity to keep debris from getting in.

I think I am giving up on the reverse curve type systems since I have found several complaints about debris being sucked into the gutter. Since I get a lot of the helicopter/swirly tree debris I don't think these systems will really work for me.

My current focus is on the screen and foam filler types. I like the foam solution because it would be easy to install and just makes sense to me. My concern is that they will clog and create areas for weeds to grow in my gutters.
As for the screens, I like the gutter glove but I think they are probably the same as many others on the market. I just don't know how the screen type solutions will work in the winter with snow and ice. Something tells me that the mesh will easily freeze over causing big ice damns.

So, the good news is that I think I can try both of these solutions out for a season on my garage gutters before making the full investment.

Does anyone have any experience with the foam or screen solutions? I plan on doing this test install myself. I will gladly share back what I learn.

Hopefully I will be headache free by this time next year
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look into leaf relief from alcoa.. if you havent already. i believe there website is leafrelief.com

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