Roof Turbine Vent Question

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Roof Turbine Vent Question

I had an issue with one of my 2 roof turbine vents today...I noticed that while the one was turning normally with very little wind (maybe 3 mph?), the other one wasn't moving at all. Since it's wintertime here in the northeast and didn't want to chance slipping and falling off the roof if I could help it, I climbed up into the attic and inspected the turbine from there...I found I could spin it by hand, so it hadn't seized...just wasn't moving like it should I liberally sprayed the bearing and shaft with some lubricating spray, just to check to see if it would work...and lo and behold, it was spinning normally...a few hours later, upon checking...still spinning...but here's my question...I'm assuming the lubrication is not a permanent fix, that I'll have to use grease or something similar in the, should I go back up there and use lithium grease or lithium grease spray on the turbine or is there something else that may work? I'm assuming the bearing isn't shot since I could turn the turbine by hand effortlessly...any advice would be appreciated....thanks.
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Once a bearing dries up to where it slows the operation of whatever it is doing, you can bet it is on limited time. Prior to stopping, it ran for a long time with a lot of resistance.

Use whatever is easy to keep it lubricated for the rest of the winter, but plan on some repairs in the spring.

Tri-flo (sp) is a teflon based spray lubricant that I have used a lot and it works very well.


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