ridge vent off centre

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ridge vent off centre

Thanks to wirepuller38 for addressing my previous roofer issue. That one is resolved and I take the reminder to get a detailed contract to heart.

THe work is done and all looks good except that the ridge vent they installed (plastic rolled) is off centre, by probably an inch. It is three storeys up so probably not apparent to anyone but me, but I am wondering if this will affect its function. I will address it with the roofer but would like to have some information at hand to decide whether I push to fix it or not. The vent is probably 14 or more inches wide (ie. 7 inches down each side) on a 12/12 roof, the generous side is the one where the wind typically comes from, and the space between the deck and peak has been maintained, so I can't see it being a big issue other than minor cosmetic irritation, but maybe I am just wanting to avoid confrontation.
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Doubt if an inch will make any difference. More important up in the gwn, (great white north) is baffles in the underside of the ridge vent to keep blowing snow from getting in there and causing ice dams. Lomanco's Omni ridge vents have them, as well as cobra's 4' pieces. Shinglevent II also have outer baffles, but the little mesh that's glued into these will clog with bugs, leaves, snow, etc. I'd definitely avoid any mesh-type ridge vents. Good Luck!

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