Front overhang roof issue

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Front overhang roof issue

I have a front overhang of about 5 feet by 60 feet at a pitch of 1 in 12. It is shingled and I am having leakage problems. Shingles are not best choice for this sort of pitch but that is the way it was when we purchased the house. Cosmetically I wish to keep the shingles because they match the rest of the roof of the house, Asphalt, but need to find a way to seal it preferably with some clear flexible material so that the water will not back up under the shingles when snow begins to melt. I have tried to seal it using Henrys but It cracks with weather changes and I do not want to have to do the whole roof area that way. Any suggestions?

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Without increasing the pitch, you are left to the elements' natural effect. It should have never been built with such a slight slope, especially in Idaho. Florida, maybe. No amount of sealing will stop the back up. You cure it in one area, it moves to the next.
The only other remote possibility would be to remove shingles up on the original roof up to about 3 courses, apply a preformed metal flashing that will extend down over the roofing below by at least 2 courses, then reapply the upper courses of shingles. It isn't ideal, but may give a bit of service until it can be done properly. I also worry about your snow load factor. It has to hold a whopping amount of snow.
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Simplest thing you can do is pull all the snow off that area every time it snows

I said simple as in not complex, I said nothing about this not being a PITA
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Here's your complex solution.

Strip ALL the shingles off of the low slope, apply ice and water shield (a water proofing membrane) directly to the clean sheathing of the entire low-slope area, then reapply the shingles. The ice and water shield is what will prevent leaks, the shingles are just for looks. Be sure the ice and water shield is lapped the maximum amount. (Since you have a 5' wide area, and the rolls are 3' wide, you will have 1' of overlap, which should exceed the mfg specs for lap coverage.) It will take 4 boxes of ice and water shield to cover a 5' x 60' area, since the small rolls you commonly see are usually 3' x 33.3' long.

Most codes will say that shingles cannot be applied to anything less than a 2:12, but if you insist on applying shingles to the roof, using a membrane that will self-seal around every nail head is the way to go.

You also need a whopping flashing if the top of this roof area meets a vertical wall. A standard 4" long wall flashing is not going to provide enough coverage to mechanically flash the top edge of the roof. You could obviously seal the wall flashing with sealant, but sealant can fail. A longer wall flashing AND sealant underneath it (protected from the elements) would be best.
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Their isn't a shingle manufacture on the planet that will warranty that roof. I would'nt even consider putting shingles on that pitch.Tear the roof off buy some single ply peal and stick. The products I use and highly recommend is liberty or mule hide.These products are very DIY'r friendly.,a no brainer and not to mention they come in a nice asssortment of colors. I understand you want something that will match the exsiting roof.But what would you rather have.,a porch overhang that leaks and will always leak, but it matches,or a roof system thats installed on a roof the material is manufactured for and does not leak and has a close match in color?

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