Flat Roof leaking in 2 spots... what to use to repair?

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Flat Roof leaking in 2 spots... what to use to repair?

Have had a couple leaks in my flat roof for the past couple of months... about a month ago went up there and used fiber-roof coating to fill in any little gaps that i seen... hasn't leaked since then, until about 2 weeks ago. So apparently i did not fix it.
Just went up there and took some pic's.

Leak 1... i can only assume it right where this ice is. (the ice was not there, i just placed it there to show where i think it is.

Leak 2... is in this area... not sure where exactly.

The rest here are just some more shots of the whole flat roof area.

So, when i put the fiber coating on i just didnt little spots where i seen gaps... should i just slather this stuff on huge areas?
I hear this should last a good 10 years once it's in place and dried.

Or, is there some other type of rubber membrane that I can put on the area or whole roof that is somewhat cheap?

I just had this whole roof done about 6 years ago, and when it started leaking I called them up because it was "guaranteed" for 15 years. Well what do you know, they are out of business! I dont have money for a whole new roof or even a pro to come look and repair the area.


Thanks all!
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Its unfortunate that your contractor is out of business.In todays economy it could happen to anyone.The products that come to mind for a "Quick Fix" for your roof are eliminated due to the amount of pooling in the areas needing repaired. If you use anything make sure the product dries as a rubberized compound versus a fiberated.,I feel that whatever "Quick Fix" is out there will fail due to the pooling, which is what happens with a flat roof and if the integrity of the roof system is compromised in any way then the water/ice/snow which are all forms of liquid(obviously) and each one doing a nasty number on these weaker areas.,the bad news is it will happen more frequent with the problem worsening.You should once again call a contractor and do a repair on these sections because a pitch roof is alot easier for a DIY'r to do than a flat roof things can get really ugly really fast.I am not knocking anyone trying to help themselves but somethings are left to the pros.good luck
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roofmaster417 is right about the pooling. I would try to eliminate the pools with some roofing material (preferably rubber) and flashing cement and then put a little cement on all the seams on the roof. Then I would go get a can of silver coat and do 2 coats on the whole roof. The silver coat will not stop any big leaks but it will fill in the groves for the small ones. Also, it will make your roof last longer and keep it cooler in the summer.

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