Leaking roof no ventilation

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Leaking roof no ventilation

Here is my situation. I have been in my house for 4 years now(bought February 2007) and have just started renovations. The house is a 50 year old two story. It had an old flat asphalt roof up until summer 2006, at which time they built/installed a new peaked roof with a sharp slope. Its law here that a house must be inspected by a home inspector before buying. the home inspectors report said that everything was good.
Now the problem, my bathroom ceiling started leaking last week. not knowing anything about roofing I called a friend of mine who works for a roofing company to come look for me. well most of the roof is water logged but its frozen so its not leaking through. Only when it warms up a little does it leak. When you walk around in my attic you are walking on the old asphalt roof, that's the only thing saving me right now as there are pools of water every where up there. There is one vent in the attic about 2inches square and one piece of soffit about the same size. all other soffit areas are boarded up with plywood. attic is about 1400 square feet. when it is 30F degrees outside, its 55F in my attic. there is rot visible at the ends of the trusses. what do i do? is the home inspector liable because on his inspection form it said the the attic was well ventilated? or should i just call my insurance company. the fiberglass shingles look like they have broom handles under them. keep in mind that this roof is 5 years old.
please help as i do not have the money to fix this without some help either from a lawsuit or insurance. The closer we get to spring the worse its gonna get i think.
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Hi Tippy,
You need to determine where the water is from, leaking through the roof OR condensation from inside air seeping into that in between space that has minimal venting. It could be ice dams, this has been a bad year. But it could also be condensation. For it to be condensation, there would have to be a flow of inside warm moist air getting up there where the cooler temps cause it to drop its moisture.

If you can open up something to allow a lot of outside cold air into that space, it will dry out much of that moisture. Cold air id very dry and even if it freezes, ice will evaporate. If any is liquid right now, mop up as much as possible to get it out of the attic.

Of course this all assumes YOU are going to fix this and not the insurance co. They may not know the difference between a leak and condensation AND one may be covered and the other not, I'm guessing.

Chimney chase, plumbing holes, bath fans, dryer vent, something like these is dumping a lot of moisture up there. The fact that it is 55 says heat is coming from somewhere.

Decide where the moisture is coming from and let us know.

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I would think that the old flat roof would pretty much stop any moisture from going from the house into that attic space. Unless there is something like a bathroom fan or kitchen hood vented into that space, I wouldn't think it was coming from the home.

Finding out if the inspector has liability may be worth your time. Take plenty of pictures. Maybe you can get yourself on Holmes Inspection.

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