What To Do To Bring Temps Down In The Attic?


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What To Do To Bring Temps Down In The Attic?

I have an older home built in the 50's. Roof has been replaced about 5 years ago, and a ridge vent was added at that time. My roof is kind of like an upside down "V" in that you have 4 flat panels that meet up at a point. I would guess the length of the ridge vent to be 30' or so. This is for a 2100 square foot home.

During the summer it gets extremely hot in the attic. I have soffit vents around 75% of the home spaced out about every 2-3'. The garage was closed in at some point and now serves as the kitchen. No soffit vents on that part of the house.

I am thinking several plans of attack:
1. Adding whirley-birds to move more air since I have limited ridge vent area.
2. Replacing the existing soffit vents with the corrugated panels so that there is soffit venting all the way around the perimeter with no gaps.
3. Planting fast growing, large leaf, shade providing trees to reduce the amount of surface area exposed to direct sun, and also to reduce the amount of time the sun is in direct contact with the roof.
4. Adding additional blown-in insulation in the attic to prevent heat from getting into the home. Remember-home built in 50's-no insulation present in ANY of the walls (internal or external facing)!

This will not be our last home so I don't want to invest too much money into the home. Just trying to find ways to keep the electric bill down for the time we are living there.

Anybody have any comments/advise???? I'm all ears
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What about an attic ventilation fan with thermostatic control?
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I would not mind installing an attic fan-but it would have to be a big sucker to move enough air to keep it cool up there. I'll start up my "google-fu" and see what I can turn up on thermostatically controlled attic fans.
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Why dont you put a solar panel on the roof and a big fan attached to it in the attic?
That would provide some ventilation.
You can try checking a chart, I think its called "temperature comfort zone" chart or something. It shows the comfort area for people in a chart of "wind speed" "temperature" "roof temperature" and some other things too maybe I cant remember. It looks something like this:


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