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We have a split level house that was built int fifties and added on to over the years. We just bought it in January 2000. We know that the house was re-roofed about 3 years ago, and luckily we have had no problems. The roof is peaked, with a short slant to one side and a long slant to the other. The long slant is about 30' from the peak to the end of the house. Now that we had the "big snow" up here in NY we are getting huge ice accumulations at the long end of the roof. It does not seem to be going "under" the shingles, just the gutter is filled with ice that has overflowed to create huge icicles. There does not seem to be any roof leaks at this point, just a slight leak coming in where the wall and the chimney meet. Should I be worried about this ice build up? Is it a sign of major heat loss through the roof, or just nature taking its course?

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Ice daming occurs when heat loss from the home melts the snow on the roof. The water runs down to the unheated eaves and freezes. Eventually ice builds up enough that the water is forced back up under the shingle and a leak occurs. You could never stop 100% heat loss, but, proper amounts of insulation & a well sealed vapour barrier minimize the problems.
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Unhappy Ice on roof part 2

Well, it seems that the ice build up has found a way into the house. There is a gap between the brick chimney and the wood siding of the house, and the water is leaking in around the fireplace. The side of the fireplace where the leak is seems to have the most ice build up, so I'm thinking that since the heat was escaping through this gap, it is whats causing the ice to build up and melt even more. I sealed the gaps from the inside last night, but the water is already in the wall. There is so much ice on the side of the house, I haven't figured out how I'm going to seal the outside. I hung plastic on the house to try to divert the water flow away, but this effort is probably futile. The roof itself is still snow covered, so I'm not sure if that much heat is escaping through the roof. Does anybody have an opinion or advice on my logic, or am I missing something?

Thanks Again
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removing ice

I also had an ice/snow problem on my roof. Its alot of work but you have to get the snow off the roof first, a roof rake works well. Then melt as much of the ice in your gutters as you can, I used a propane torch. Just one of the problems you have living in a northern climate. Good luck.
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