Gutter Guards - Who's had them for awhile?

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Gutter Guards - Who's had them for awhile?

I'm thinking about adding gutter guards to my companies list of services, and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them and would be willing to share what they did and didn't like about the type they have.

I know a lot of them are just junk, but I'd like to find some good ones that I can install and put my name behind.

Thanks in advance!
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I had them. IMO they are all garbage. And expensive. I went to the home store and bought that wire mesh that is in the roofing section. Think its for thinset. Not sure. I cut it in strips. I folded the back edge down 1" and tucked it behind the gutter,. Then screwed the gutter back, and the top edge of the mesh got screwed to the top of the gutter every 16" or so.

Oh and total cost was $10.00 for two sheets. Did my whole 50 ft of gutters.

The trouble with most gaurds is how the bottom roof shingle drops down in the gutters. Its hard to explain the trouble this bottom shingle causes but if you install any you will know what I am talking about.

I guess I can take pics if you really want to see it.

The others I have are the homestore plastic ones. They tend to ward as they age. I would say every 5-8 yrs they need to be replaced.

Mike NJ
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I have installed some on my previous home. I chose the Amerimax brand, the steel wire mesh with retaining clips. It fastened to the outside edge of the gutter and the other length laid on the roofing. It could be raised up for cleaning gutters
The clips were hard to almost impossible to press in place and eventually I had to squeeze the rim of the gutter to make installation simpler.
They worked reasonably well but looked really crappy after a "hailstorm" evidentaly distorted them but no damage to roofing
For some unknown reason---The home I now own has two type Gutter Guards, one being the plastic screen that slides under the shingles and fits the outside edge of the gutter by pressing into place. All of these have sagged and sections have bowed into the gutter.
The other type are Amerimax PVC brand solid covers that have the small slits below the outside crown. During normal rainfall they work well but during a downpour, some water shoots over the crown and away from the home foundation. These look like they were just installed and the gutters have never clogged.
in two years I would guess they are 10 years old.
I just went to a BBS and bought enough to replace the damaged plastic screens that I have.
The Amerimax PVC cost nearly double what the metal screen cost and about three time what the cheaper plastic screens cost.
I am not qualified to recommend any type but I think I will be pleased with the solid Guards after observing their performence so far
I guess --If you are lucky, you get what you pay for

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