Ant trails an indication of roof leak?

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Ant trails an indication of roof leak?

I noticed that in the attic I have an ant trail going up the exterior wall to the roof trusses, then up the bottom of the roof deck near the chimney.

Above the roof, I can see ants on the roof tiles, near the chimney, crawling in and out of the seams of the roof tiles.

It is apparent to me those ants are the same group of ants.

Does it mean there is a hole somewhere?

I recently redid the flashing all around the chimney and redid the tiles around it.

Using a garden hose spraying the chimney and around it does not yield any dripping water below.

Any thoughts?
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I have followed some ant trails 3/4 around a house and never could find out why they choose that route. Their nest could be in spot A and they found food at B and some blind ant picked the crazy route that the others now follow.

If you think they might be wood eating ants I would call an exterminator. Here is a link to help you identify carpenter ants and termites. Otherwise I would do as you have done and be vigilant for leaks just because it's good common sense and try to figure out what the ants are up to. Hopefully they have not found a secret back entrance to your pantry or kitchen cupboard.

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