Downspout/ sump drainage suggestions


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Downspout/ sump drainage suggestions

I have a bit of an interesting setup that doesn't work very well and needs to be addressed. I've been in the house since December, so all this fun is thanks to the previous owner(s).

What I have is a 2 story (room in the attic makes three) house, ~35ft wide by ~45ft long.
One eaves system wraps around the house (~25ft above the ground). It has two down spouts at the back of the house (West and East corners).
The second eaves system simply covers part of the covered porch on the East side of the house, also exiting at the back of the house.
The last bit of water to deal with is from the sump pump, which exits the back of the house, ~5ft from the East corner.
In short, I have 4 sources of water exiting the back of the house. The problem being the sump exits onto the lawn and hose freezes. The West most down spout is too close to the foundation and the two East down spouts are both too close to the foundation, and spill into the driveway creating a lake during the summer, and a skating rink during the winter.
The driveway is on the East side of the house, and branches off behind the house (crossing the path of the two east downspouts and the sump pump hose.
There is approximately 125-150ft of grass between the house and a river/swamp where the property ends.
Below is a quick over all CAD sketch of the current setup.
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Going from left to right;
- The West downspout is a flex hose that ends ~5ft from the foundation (spills under the deck).
- The sump pump line (red line) is cheap flex hose for the first ~10ft, which is connected to a piece of fire hose for another ~15-20ft and spills out onto the grass.
- The East roof down spout (Right hand greed line) ends ~2ft from the foundation
- The East porch downspout (blue) ends ~10ft from the foundation through a 3in down pipe.

The picture below is all I have on hand right now that would give an idea as to what I am working with. It does not show the back of the house, but does show the roof eaves system (green lines in pic above) and the porch system (blue lines in pic above).
Name:  IMGP1499SM.jpg
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Just to add a level of complexity, we can see -35'C to +35'C weather and 2-10ft of snow with possible winter rain storms.

What would you do with this settup if it was your place?
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I'm thinking dry well for the sump.
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If you are refering to what we call a field bed... I was thinking the same. In simple terms, a field bed is basically a pit (generally barrel in the old days), filled with rocks. Water goes into the pit/barrel and then slowly bleeds out into the ground throw holes in the barrel.
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Here is a quick pic from the back yard. It was pretty late when I finally got a chance to take the picture, so the lighting wasn't good.
Mind the kids toys. I have two boys that like their toys in the back yard.

This pic shows the downspouts with arrows (color matched to the CAD sketch).
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This is the unmodded pic.
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It does not appear to be a really large roof so I think a 4 inch drainage pipe would drain all downspouts and the sump. Just getting it 30 or 40 feet away from the house would help a lot. They make adapters to run the downspouts into the 4 inch pipe. That is saying that you have the available slope in your ground to run this pipe starting 24 inch below the ground and still have open ended pipe into the yard toward the river. If not then a larger and deeper pit would be needed. Remember the pit needs the top of it to be below frost level. Even just the sump pump alone will fill a 55 gallon drum pretty quick.
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The yard is relitively flat (maybe 1% grade towards the back of the property).
It's also 125-150ft from the house to the drop off going into the river. The pit might be the better way to go.

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