Should I replace my roof

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Should I replace my roof


I have a 12 year old house in Toronto, Canada and some of the shingles on the roof has started curling. Also during a recent storm a few shingles got blown away.

So I called a few contractors and couple of them said I dont need to replace the roof (I can wait at least couple years) whereas two others said I need to get my roof replaced. So I wanted to get your opinion on what should I do.

I am posting the pics... so if someone with roofing experience can take a look and give me some advice.



Here are the pics:
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I'm certainly no expert but I think you could get at least one more winter out of that roof, maybe several more.
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In my opinion i would replace the roof If you have the funds to do so,If you needed to do anything on that roof work wise when you walk on it they would crumble,I have done roofs just like that and i ended up having to do a tear off instead of a roof over,Not sure what your codes are in that area,Maybe you were going to tear it off anyway,And if you need a little time for funds and no leaks are present then i think it would prob last a couple.It just make a roof over very hard because of the up lifting of the shingle,In fact you would have to cut all of the curls and its just as easy to tear.Wish you could have cought it a little sooner if in fact you could have had a roof over?Anyway good luck.Alan.
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I would think you can get a couple more years out of the roof assuming no more wind damage. My bigger concern would be why a 12 year shingle is curling. It often indicates inadequate ventilation. I don't see many roof vents (unless there is some on the ridge that I am missing). If and when you re-roof I would try and address this situation.
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Welcome to the forum.

Living in a similar climate as yourself....
I would look into replacing the shingles. The roof itself may be fine, but you would need to look in the attic and see how things underneath look.

12 years out of shingles (which where probably 20year shingles or less) is about right. Most contractors use the cheaper shingles, and with the hot,cold, snow and rain we get, they take a beating.

I WOULD NOT leave the missing shingles untouched. You'll get water under and the other shingles and will be looking at replacing pieces of your roof (the wood) if left over the winter.

I noticed a few black or darker spots in your shingles. Those might be a bit of a concern (or nothing to worry about).

If you are planning on living in that house for some time, look into some of the higher end shingles. I did my old house with some Cambridge shingles which where mostly fiberglass. Tough to cut, but should last.
Although not always recommended, you can layer a shingles. You might be able to get away with a second layer of shingles (provided that is the only layer) which would save you the clean up and tipping fees to dispose of the old shingles.
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Installing new shingles over old ones is an "iffy" situation. The biggest "if" being if the new shingle manufacturer will warrant the product when installed over old ones. Many do not. Also, it's hard to get a good "field-lay" in such situations, meaning the shingles won't flatten uniformly as they seal themselves down. Usually pretty easy to see from the street, to a trained eye anyway.
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First you should think about if any improvements like sky lights, attic blowers, or even changing the shape of the roof to add space to the house is possible.

What are the estimates for a laying new shingles and tearing the old shingles off and replacing them?

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