Clean gutters, water still runs over


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Clean gutters, water still runs over

During heavy rains water running down the roof does not run into gutters. Just runs right over the side straight down to the ground. Does this for all gutters in front and back of house. No trees in the yard near the house. Gutters have covering. Not a very steep pitch to the roof either. 25-30 degrees maybe.

So today I got on the ladder and took a look. Removed the downspout and shot the garden hose through it. No blockages in the downspout. Climbed up to the gutter with garden hose and shot water directly into gutters. No debris or impediments. No impediments on gutter cover either. Nothing but clear water coming out. I watched the water as the downspout was still removed.

Following are my guesses without the benefit of experience in such matters:

- Shingles seem to extend about 1.5" over gutters. Read in a few other forums 3/4" to 1" is ideal.

- Gutters have a slight pitch, lean downward such that the lip of the gutter may not extend outward enough to catch water.

Aside from these observations I have no idea what looks out of place as I have no experience in roofing/gutter installation/repair.

Took some pics and attached to this post. Taking more pics from different angles is not a problem if needed.

Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.
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If your gutters are actually getting full and are overflowing, my only suggestion would be to switch to 3x4 outlets and downspouts rather than the 2x3 outlets and downspouts that you currently have. At 12 sq in, they will move twice the volume per second.

But its unclear from your post whether or not the gutters are actually full of water or if your gutter guards are just preventing 100% of the water from going down the gutters.

A good test would be to simply remove the gutter guards for a while and see if there's any difference. Especially if you have no trees in the yard.

BTW, welcome!
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Thanks for the reply X.

During heavy rains I can hear water running down the downspouts. But it does not sound like a high volume of water. And I do not see water bubbling up over the gutter edge during the rain. My untrained eye sees it running right past the gutter.

I am going to remove the guards from the gutter on the porch and compare it to other areas during the next storm. Just have to wait on Mother Nature to test it.
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