Suggestions Anyone on Attic Insulation???

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Had a problem recently with wetness on roof side that is north-facing, but totally dry roof on south-facing side. Roof that was wet appears to be drying now, and I'm planning to insulate attic better. Would there be any problem with insulating the attic floor AND also applying rolled insulation between the rafters???? The house is a small house (36' wide, 30' front to back) with air circulation from each end of house.....not sure if I'll need to add an attic fan (if you think I'll need a fan, and suggestions on make, model?) to ensure good ventilation. I think I'll use roll insulation on the wood walk area of attic (36' X 6'), there's lots of settled blown-in insulation on either side of the boards (walk area). Thanks for any advice you might offer! (Dad passed away last July, and I want to keep it in good condition. I may have a tendency to go overboard on stuff like this, but do want to do a very good job.)
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I had a similar problem, just purchased a 12 year old home and had the North Side of the roof sheathing damp and the South Side dry as a bone. It's very strange, isn't it ??? Let me guess.... The sun shines most of the day on the South Side and less on the North Side. Correct?
Anyway, insulate the attic floor to the hilt. I had approx. 4"-5"'s of blown-in insulation, I pushed that out of the way and placed down "Kraft Face" Insulation R11 or better. Then I placed the old blown-in back over the rolled insulation. This project took a couple of hours for a 24 x 20 roof area. The "Kraft Face" gives you a vapor barrier which you probably don't have. This will help with the moisture you get in the attic which comes from your home when the warmth of your home hits the cold of your attic, produces condensation. Heat from your home can go through your ceiling gypsum and right into the cold attic. Also, you will need to ventilate, I placed a gable fan in an have it running about 1/2 the day. In planning on purchasing a more industrial fan that will kick on when needed. You'll need a fan with a temp. gauge and humistat. Cost for one of this is about $65.00.
Any other questions, please let me know. I've been tackling this problem for most of the winter now. Just ask.....
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Insulate the attic floor only. No need to insulate between the rafters of the roof.

The insulation in the attic is to keep the conditioned air from escaping up into the attic - therefore you want your insulation to be on the floor of the attic.

Insulating between the rafters of the roof would not aid in keeping the conditioned air in your house, only in your attic.

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