wrong slope on gutters

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Antony W. Serio
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I recently purchased a new house, and I discovered that the gutter on the south side of the house doesn't drain properly. The gutter makes a right angle turn where an addition was put on the back of the house. Water collects in this corner and will not flow to the drain. I know the gutters need to be redone, but I don't know where to start. Do I need to replace the gutters, or can I take them down and re-hang the existing ones?
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yes you can reuse the gutters,just take them down carefully enough so you don't ruin them.But,you said you recently bought a new house ,wont the former owners have to fix the prob?ok so any way,if you have spiked on gutters get a flat bar,take the curved end and put it behind the nail heads and hit the bar with a hammer (from the back side)they will come out even if they dont seem like it sometimes.Hangers under the shingles?flat bar again(cool tool huh)lift up your shingles and pry the nails out usually 8 penny galvs.Take an empty pepsi bottle or something dump water in one end of gutter seeing which way the water runs,back to you lift that end,away drop.oh yeah screw in type of hangers,should be two stainless screws that you can see at the back of your gutter,cordless drill phillips bit remove screws and move you're gutter where it needs to be.Nothing major just dont take the whole thing down cause then you will have to start from scratch.sorry so wordy but just trying to cover everything.Basically find which end does not run and adjust accordingly.Oh yeah keep your eyes open for nailheads in the back of the gutter,sometimes you have to back nail those suckers.Hope this was some help

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