Need advice on moldy roof!!

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Need advice on moldy roof!!

Any information or advice would be great!

We bought our home 6 months ago and recently found that our entire attic is full of black mold and fungus. There is only one vent going out for our two story home.
We never had our own home inspection done because we purchased with a VA loan which does their own inspection, the roof was just replaced in 2011 and the sellers didn't disclose any mold.
Now, where do we turn? Fix the problem ourselves, hire? Is there anyway the sellers or VA inspector could be held liable for missing this or failing to disclose? If the put a new roof on the would have seen the not up to code ventilation in roof and probably the rot and mold, since it is extensive.

Any thoughts??
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As for the real estate/legal issues, I have no clue thus I won't comment.

As for the mold/fungus issue, you indicated the whole attic is "full". That's very much so not a do it yourself task to address. Mold remediation specialist would be required in this situation if your description is accurate.
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Mold in the attic is an indication of too much moisture and not enough ventilation.

Check to make sure that bathroom fans vent to atmosphere and not into the attic. If you have only one roof vent it's possible that bathroom vents are dumping wet air into you attic space. If you Google around you can find sites that will help you calculate the amount of ventilation opening that you will need for a given attic size. Gable, soffit and ridge vents combine to provide the air flow needed. Can you describe the actual situation maybe take some pics of the mold and whatever ventilation you can find?

DIYing a moldy attic can be relatively easy or it could be a real PITA depending on your situation.

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