OLD Mobile Home Roof/Ceiling issues


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OLD Mobile Home Roof/Ceiling issues

I've been trained by the UBC as an apprentice but we never worked on MH before. I now live in one and need to fix the ceiling badly. Replacing the tiles won't be hard but I have to fix the roof before anything. It can rain all night long but only at certain times does the ceiling leak in the main room. I had my buddy who's much lighter than I walk around the roof looking for cracks and such that might lead to the leaks and we did a decent patch job but it's still coming in. The roof appears to be a black tar of sorts and I'm not sure if I should go out and get more of it or try something else? It's driving me nuts and I'm about to just go and get some tin sheeting and cover the roof with that. Not sure how well the roof would hold up with it though >_>
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Is there tar on the roof? Old tar will look like a dry river bed with cracks running through it. I never use tar. Good black roofers cement stays flexible and covers a large area like around the furnace jack or a roof vent, when spread with a putty knife. Butyl caulk and polyurethane caulks stay flexible also. Most MH roof leaks are around vent pipes or roof protrusions. Many vent pipe caps are missing and water just leaks in. Next best place for a leak is where the roof bends over the edge of the wall. There is a small piece of metal (gutter) attached with many screws or staples along the edge. This holds the roof metal on. There is often a gap at the top edge of the gutter. It needs to be caulked or sealed in some manner. If there is a pitch change in the roof, like the living room ceiling is higher then the kitchen, there could be cracks where the metel roof makes the bend. Also if the metal is peaked in the center it tends to crack at the peak. Has the roof been totally coated with something? Kool Seal maybe? The aluminized is grey in color and a bit rough in texture (it has fibers in it) If you do Kool Seal the roof, make sure you cover over the edge where the gutter is.
Do you still have the original ceiling? Ceiling material with plastic strips every 16". If so, repairing it will not be so easy.
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The newer MHs have the ceiling with the plastic strips, the older MHs have a cellutex ceiling with plastic rosettes for the screws and a wooden strip every 4'

I have rolled roofing tar on older MH roofs before but I've always went back and covered it with fibered aluminum roof paint. KoolSeal is a brand name - there are several other brands that are similar if not identical. I've never relied on fibered aluminum paint to seal a roof. I've always tarred or caulked any leak I could find first.

IMO a roof over is the best solution! It does require framing and depending how the MH is constructed this might mean supporting the framing from the ground. Is this MH on your own property or a rented lot?

btw - welcome to the forums!

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