Colorado Snow Melt = Possible Death!!!


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Colorado Snow Melt = Possible Death!!!

Hello DIY Forum Members,

Thank you for looking at my post.

I have an issue with snow and water coming over the top of the gutters and icing over our entrance way. The snow that drops off of the upper-level of the roof is channeling between the skylight and siding, overloading the gutter.

I have heard that there are gutter heaters that can be purchased. It has also been suggested to me that I look into "diverters" that go onto the roof that will help guide the snow away from the entrance way.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Is a shovel an option? Most of the snow guards that I am familiar with are designed to break up large chunks of snow that slide off the roof.

I found these guards that are a bit different. They supposedly work by keeping the snow from sliding and accumulating in the gutters. That might work for your problem.
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Not sure I'd install anything that could lead to ice-dams forming, as such can cause a lot of damage to the insides of exterior walls.

I owned 2 houses in SW Colorado. First one had low-slope shingles, which I routinely swept off using a street broom or asphalt rake, while precariously perched on a tall step ladder. Not fun. Second one had much deeper snow at times (8.5' measured in side yard, the last winter we were there), but was much more steeply sloped (7-in-12, I believe) and had metal roofing. No more sweeping! The white stuff just slid right off when it got deep enough, or was slightly warmed by the sun.

Let me guess--the yellow bucket in the photos contains rock salt or calcium chloride, yes? Can't believe it's going on 10 years since I've had to use the stuff. Never have a problem with all of the winter rain here in Oregon--don't even have to shovel it!

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