Heavy Double Trusses - How to install them?


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Heavy Double Trusses - How to install them?

I am building a pole barn (gambrel roof) that has a second floor for hay (125psf). It uses double trusses that weigh 800lbs when combined and sit on top of the posts which are notched (at 10'). The purlins are between the trusses (in hangers) rather than on top. I can get a telescoping forklift. How do you recommend placing the trusses and bracing them while I install the purlins and then the next truss? The weight has me a little worried. We get quite a bit of wind here.
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For starters, watch the weather forecast, and pick a day when it's not windy. A block from my house a bunch of guys about got killed when the trusses they were setting up (biggest wood trusses I've seen in my life) blew over when a cold front came through... apparently before they had them braced well.

For the first pair, I'd probably try and stand up a vertical 2x4, with diagonal bracing to the ground in all 4 directions. Anchor blocks to the cement pad if there is one. If the vertical is plumb, that will help. You can plumb up those trusses and then temporarily brace to that vertical board while you get the 2nd pair.

Once the 2nd pair are set, install a few perlins and some horizontal bracing across the top, then once you have the 2nd pair plumb, install cross bracing between the 4 trusses, in the form of an X on each side of the ridge, at an appropriate place near the interior edges of the hay loft. Don't make the mistake of putting in one nail, to make it easy to remove later.
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Luckily these are 24' (x36') with 5 sets of double trusses and two singles on the ends. I have read on a few websites the cross bracing along the roof line and the 2x4s anchored and braced against the end. I have a broken 4x6 (delivery broke it) that is long enough to use also. I'll make sure to secure plenty of them.

So, plumb and brace the first end and then move to the next truss. Plumb, purlins (while forklift is still in place. Then brace and move to the next truss? The is my first building project so I ask a lot of clarifying questions.
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You should have gotten a pamphlet for installation from the supplier, similar to this; https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q...OI5rmXQVBl6Wfw

Or this; Building Component Safety Information

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When you say a telescoping forklift, will you be lifting these from the bottom or can that lift reach well above the peak so you hold them from the top. If from the bottom, very difficult to control the top. Also, you will need to lift these trusses from the outside of your framing and then swing them over into position, not all fork lifts can swing like that. It might be easier to get a crane and an operator for a day.

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Lifting from the top. I plan to build the double trusses inside the barn posts and lift them up onto the posts. The forklift will be inside the barn too until the last truss (es). These last will be lifted over the end wall posts and onto the top. That's my plan at least - one directional so I don't have to have a crane.

Gary, my trusses came with the BCSI sheets. These show static examples and I wasn't sure how the process needed to work. The unstated steps are the ones I will likely miss.

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