Help my shingles are flyin'....

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We have a brand new house that was roofed during November which keeps losing shingles with every high wind. As I've learned those wonderful self sealing three tab shingles won't seal until they have been exposed to some long term warm sun during late spring and summer (we're in Indiana). The builder has told us that "Yea you'll be losing shingles off and on until then." Today we're losing bunches of them, I mean bunches off the roof. So what happens everytime the really nice roofers show up in their beat up school bus and slap a bunch of shingles back on? I feel like this can't be good for the overall integrity of the roof. Or what could be done to stop rows and rows of shingles from flying off every time we have a 25 mph+ winds? I'm concerned that by the time these shingles seal we'll of replaced 40% of the roof by then.

Thanks for any advice or info.

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As long as the contractor is repairing the roof with matching shingles at their expense or your insurance, there's not much more anyone can do until you get warmer weather.
Once you get a few warm days, the shingles will stick as they're supposed to.
Good Luck!
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Just like Old Guy said, there ain't much you can do about it until the weather warms up. Just one question -- the contractor IS paying for this, isn't he?? (Better be!!)
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Wink shingles flyin off?

Ive roofed dozens of roofs on the island of Nantucket,Mass.which is off the coast of Cape Cod in cold weather and it usually takes hurricane force winds to blow them off.
What the contractors should try is hurricane nailing;
The shinglkes are nailed on with 6 nails instead of 4
One on each end and 2 on either side of the flutes(which is the slot on the shingle)instead of 1 nail above each flute.
The contractor should pay for the damage and not leave you out to dry ... no pun intended.
Good luck
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Gump is correct with the nailing pattern. Also I would be interested if they used nails or staples. Staples will not hold the shingles. Also make sure the nails are long enough. At least 2". Shingled a large home in the Dakota's in November. 15 below, high winds all winter sometimes as much as 70 mph. Not a shingle lost.
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First, yes the contractor/builder has and continues to replace the shingles at there expense. This is a typical middle level tract home builder so things get done but at their pace many times. Second, as for the nailing they are using standard roof nails of which I see a major surplus of laying around on the roof. I can always request something different from the building Supervisor but I've learned about this type of builder, "They do what they're gonna do." no matter what you ask.

So I'll wait for some warm weather and in the meanwhile it's their dime.

Thanks for all the replies.
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Just a thought and the roofer wont like it much but..... you could ask them to put a dab of karnack or some such thing under the tabs as they go.Makes for one glued together unit.reason the roofers wont like it is it takes up alot of time and messy.I still havent figured the reasoning for six nailing,live in carteret county,nc that is code here but seems to me the more holes you put in something the weaker it gets

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