How do I get a contractors license pulled?


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How do I get a contractors license pulled?

The guy who started my roof seems to be a pretty good roofer, but he is doing a lot of other home improvements too that he is NOT good at. Like floor laying and wall building and plumbing etc. And in all the jobs he does, he is taking money from lots of customers before he does the job and then he has excuse after excuse as to why he isn't on your job yet, and why he isn't finished. He expected me to be OK with it taking 3 weeks to complete a roof on a 1900 square foot house. I have had to have a bathroom floor redone. I have since learned other people who used him had to have thousands of dollars of work redone. He set a jacuzzi tub up on milk crates BEHIND a wall he was building, etc. He gives these sob stories on why he needs pay, then he doesn't show for days. etc. I know I can report to angies list and BBB, but how about trying to get his license pulled? At least for things other than roofing?v(Unfortunately, I also had 10 squares of shingles I had paid for disappear and not only did I have to pay a 2nd roofer, I had to pay $800 more in shingles.)

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I'm guessing he can get away with juggling multiple trades there. In NJ they come down pretty hard on that. I'm not really sure if they can pull his license. If he's doing work that he's not licensed for they should be able to go after him.

I'm guessing you paid him in full too.
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Make a trip down to the building department and report him.
Go to your states board of contractors web site and file a complaint.
Angie's list is a joke and total waste of time.
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He gave me a price of $1000 for labor for the roof. I bought the shingles. I also paid him for pressure washing the house and all concrete. He didn't finish this job too. I paid him $200 labor for laying vinyl in two bathrooms. I bought the vinyl and shoe molding. He gave me this sob story how he and his wife and two daughters were getting evicted if he didn't have $1200 on that Monday, I believe the 17th. His landlord said if he paid it by 7 he would stop the eviction. I met the family through our church and I had no idea he had this kind of track record or a meth addiction. He hasn't been on my roof since. From what I can tell, adding up some other things, etc, I am out at least $500. Plus, I had to pay a higher contractor price (another $1000 for 2/3 of the roof and $800 for more shingles and more nails, he had my nails). I paid in cash, so I don't have a paper trail.
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Man, how to learn the hard way.......

Hopefully he has a license. Here in VA you can search the states contractor data base and file a complaint against the licensee. Enough complaints and they will do the dirty work for you. Someone impersonating a contractor is an equal offense that they will pursue. You can also check with neighboring communities as he should have a local license as well. I doubt he has any of the money you paid him on hand as it is a hand to mouth situation to support a habit. You may be able to work with local authorities to set up a sting. Offer him more money (great bait in this case) and grab him for fraud when he show up for payment.

These kind of guys drive me crazy......I have followed behind several to complete what they did not do or did not do correctly. For those reading, NEVER CASH PAYMENTS. People think they will get a cheaper rate if they pay cash. For me, it gets recorded in the same ledger as checks and deposited the same way regardless. Honest contractors do not try to side step taxes by taking cash under the table. If that is how they operate, question it at every opportunity.
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I would add that you should never ever pay a contractor up front! While it might be necessary to pay up front for materials, there is never a need to pay for labor before it is preformed. Has your boss ever paid you for next weeks work?

I'd definitely file a complaint with both the better business bureau and with the state. He may or may not have a contractor's license but at least you can get the ball rolling.
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The money you lost is an investment in your education, actually you weren't hurt as bad as many. Everything you want to know about this guy now is the information you should have dug up before.

Signed and dated contract always, regardless of how small of a job. If you don't understand what is in the contract, ask someone, like right here.

As for a certificate of insurance. It comes to you directly from his insurance company.

Workers comp? Be sure all of his workers are covered. No excuses like they are subcontractors. If he is telling then what to do, they are employees.

Ask for and check references.

IMO, even money for materials in advance is questionable. Good contractors are usually financially solvent and have suppliers where they have 30 days or longer to pay, they shouldn't need your money. I do agree with getting some up front money just to be sure the home owner doesn't change their mind, but that money can be held in escrow.

What you lost on this job will be quickly saved on future work.

Thanks for sharing,

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