Adhesive to glue on shinlges


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Adhesive to glue on shinlges


I am putting a roof on a chicken house. The roof is a single slope of 8'x16'.
I have felt and house shingles from home depot, and OSB sheathing.

Rather than being normal and using a nailgun, I want to be abnormal and use adhesive.

This is because the nails that stick out through the inside of the roof will hurt the chickens who have access to the loft space.

What adhesive should I use? Home Depot recommended outdoor carpet adhesive for boats, but when I went to the carpet section the man told me that because shingles are non-porous it would never dry.

I dont really want to buy roof patch/sealant/cement, because thats really thick and not made to be a glue but a waterproof barrier in its own right.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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I don't think there is any practical alternative to nails (or staples) for holding shingles to a roof. Maybe you could add some extruded polystyrene insulation board under the roof to cover the nails. Foil faced polyisocyanurate might be better to keep the chickens from pecking the insulation board.
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Instead of felt and shingles, could you use the rubber membrane they use for a flat roof, it is glued in place. Rolled roofing could also be glued in place and if any nails were required they could be centered on the rafters.

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I could....

...except Home Depot let me have 5 open bags of shingles for $10 for the lot, which is the bargain of a lifetime.

So at this point, I'm a-shingleing.
(If such a verb exists).
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I was thinking along the same line as Furd, nailing the shingles as they should be, and concealing them on the bottom side, but not sure about pecking on the insulation. So would probably look at 4 sheets of OSB, plywood, whatever is least expensive, rip them to fit between the rafters, then tack blocks along the bottoms of the rafters for them to rest on. I know of several lumber yards in my area anyway that have "bargain barns" or discount areas for damaged or otherwise less than good quality material, and sometimes they'll have sheets that the straps cut up, maybe got stood in water, things like that, that they sell pretty cheap.
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Just add another layer of 1/2 OSB and tar paper, use 1-1/4 roofing nails and be done with it.
No way is an adhesive going to work.
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Joe's suggestion will result in the most secure shingle attachment. I would do it his way if it were me.

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