leaking window


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leaking window

My daughter recently purchased a 15 yr old house with vinyl siding and one of the window leaks during heavy rain with southwesterly winds
The water drips in through the top of one of the windows and drips onto the sill inside. He has already discovered that at least one other smaller window on the side of the house is installed upside down resulting in some mold. I apologize for posting on a site for do- it- yourselfer's, but I trust your judgement when it comes to suggestions. My daughter is definitely not a do it yourselfer, so I need to know what type of person she should hire to assess the problem and either repair or recommend someone who specializes in that type of repair.
Also, how does one find out if there is TyVek or some other moisture barrier installed under the siding, and if not, can it be installed only over the are that has the problem. This does not sound like an easy or inexpensive fix, so I was wondering if there is any recourse for damages from the contractor or a home warranty.
I very much appreciate any help anyone can provide. Thanks, so much.
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Welcome to the forum.
I believe a good general contractor should be able to do the reinstall/repair. If you are going to go that route, be sure to get a couple quotes, references, etc.
As for the actual issue, water is coming from the outside in. What does the outside of the window look like?
Is there gaps and or caulking that looks to be missing or in rough shape?
Pictures of the affected window(s) and siding may help.

Generally speaking, vapor barrier goes on the inside of the insulation (outside face in areas where AC is used more then heating).
I have not done siding in some time (was a helping hand really the couple times I did). I believe most or all siding is installed from the bottom up, so to remove any, you're looking at having to start from the top down. You may be able to sneak a peak under the siding where it meets the concrete foundation. This should give you an idea what is under it.
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Welcome to the forums! Would it be a problem for you to post pictures of the outside and inside of the window installation (not closeups) so we can see what she is seeing? It may help with our advise. http://www.doityourself.com/forum/el...your-post.html
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How to Use a Zip Tool - Vinyl Siding Removal Tool

It's about a 2 min. job to pop a piece of siding loose to be able to see if there's any house wrap.
If it was left off and you want to add it all the siding would have to come off.
It would be useless to just use it around a small area.
Window tape is used instead. It's about a 6" wide self sticking rubber on a roll.
A siding job done correctly does not need caulking to keep water out.
Common way water does get in are the J molding was installed wrong.
No window tape.
No caulking was added behind the nailing fin as the window was being installed.
Someone tried to cheap out and use a flat jamb window, or a replacement window instead of one with a nailing fin and built in J molding.
No Z molding over the top of the window.
That picture would narrow it down.
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will post pictures of window

Thanks so much to all who replied. I will ask my daughter to send pictures. In the meantime, how can she tell what brand of windows she has. I could not see any markings on them when I visited? I assume the entire development has the same type windows. Would I need to find out who the contractor was to find this out ?
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Depending on the window maker. Look at the latch hardware for a name. Look at the glass, there may be a etching in one of the corners with the name. Look hard, they are about 3/4" square and not easy to find. Look at the aluminum spacer that is between the glass for a name or initials. Lower the upper sash and look for a sticker on the jamb liners for a name. Lastly look at the screens. There may be a plastic corner block with a name on it.
If your daughter bought a warranty when she purchased the home then you might have a warranty. Most original warranties don't transfer to the second owner.
There is most likely a house wrap installed (tyvek) but that will not keep water from leaking in around a poorly installed window.

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