Need advice on the MOST IMPORTANT part of roofing

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Need advice on the MOST IMPORTANT part of roofing

OK - I'm actually not roofing but have to get up there to remove a TV antenna mast. I've done a lot of roofing before but for years I lived a bungalow. Now I'm in a 2 story and really, really don't want to fall off. I own a good harness due to some scissor lift experience but I'm stumped on an anchor point to work on my roof.

I'm fully aware of roof anchors a la

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Problem is that I really don't want to start drilling screws into my 3 year old shingled roof.

I'm wondering if anyone out there has any creative ideas for creative and safe ways to anchor my harness without drilling into my roof?

Thanks all
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Simple solution, really--just rent a scissors lift from your old employer, park it in a raised position near where you'll be working, and tie off of its safety rung or railing.

And don't forget the shock-absorbing lanyard, or you could suffer a broken back or neck should you take a bad tumble.
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That tie-off point in the picture looks mighty weak to me, I sure wouldn't trust anything that light in weight with my life.

One thing about the roofing company that did my roof is that they not only used heavy welded steel tie-off brackets but they left them in place and shingled around and sealed them. When I asked about it the company inspector said that was standard procedure with them as the tie-off would eventually be needed again.
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Is the antenna on the peak? or lower down? I don't know if it's OSHA approved but what I always did as a young man painting farm house roofs was to tie a rope to the bumper of my truck and sling it over the peak and tie myself off to it. I always figured my truck was more stable than most anything on the house that I could tie off to.
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Prusik knots

How about tossing a rope over the roof and tie it off at each end to a solid anchor with just a bit of slack. Then use a Prusik...
And attach that to your harness.
Trees are better than cars for anchors if they're big enough. If you use a car take the keys with you so no one accidentally drives it away while your anchored to it. Also bring a second prusik with you in case you do fall off the roof. You can use the second prusik to step in to unload the one on your harness and slide it down, inch-worming your way to the ground.
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Genie lift. Around here they're like 160 bucks per day at the local home depot.
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Smashing ideas

I really like the idea of the scissor or Genie lift for this take-down. I've used them before but never thought of that for this job. The mast is mounted to the side of the house and anchors to the ground but it's not that heavy so I can tie it off and use the Genie to lower it all the way to the ground.

That being said I was also thinking of the fact that I now will need to be doing things like cleaning gutters on this tall house....and yes that anchor I pictured is not large enough that I'd bet my life on it holding.

I was trying to think of what might work, and still not damage the roof. How about something like this:

-Two long 2 x 6's attached at the ends with a hinge that I can lock. Or even a fixed bracket that matches the slope of my roof. probably not necessary but then a modest weight one end, then my harness well fastened to the other. definitely worth testing first with a static weight but if my calculations are correct, there's not way this should budge.

Check this out:

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OK - It's still in alpha but I think there's something here...

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Whatever Rube Goldberg contraption is used it needs to be able to provide 5000 lbs of restraint.
A 220 lb person free falling for one meter will exert 2700 lbs of force!
IOW it has to be able to hold up a compact car.

As spindly as the roof bracket looks if installed according to it's instructions it will provide the required 5000 lbs of restraint required by most regulations.
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You know what really stinks...When you DO come up with that brilliant idea...That one that will really work...only to find this:

LINK: Ultimate Ridgehooks - Home

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Exactly what I was thinking.....These go for $220 a pair... Pretty steep for occasional use....

They might even hold up a Fiat 500 though...or at least one of those Smart Cars...

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