Room addition roof framing


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Room addition roof framing

I'm adding a bedroom on to my house its block and beam and have the floor and walls framed. The floor joist of the new addition are running parallel to the existing floor joist and the existing gable roof. My original plan was to run the ceiling joist of the addition the same way as is the ceiling joist of the existing house. Also to set the rafters of the addition on top is existing roof making a shed type roof tiein Now I have come to realize in order to get the 3" per foot slope I need to go 4'7" from load bearing wall up on to existing roof. Which will put me right in the center of the ridge board and eve of existing roof. Which only has 2x4 rafters and a non structural ridge beam. I think it may be to heavy and not work very well. I could build a small knee wall on top of the existing exterior wall of the house.

Now that I have really thought about it I think it may be best to leave the ceiling joist of new addition running parallel to the floor joist but turn the rafters the other way 90degrees. That way I will only need to go 2'10" up on to my existing roof with a valley type tie in. My concern is the walls blowing out where the rafters set. If I run collar ties as low as I can get them as in right on top of the ceiling joist will that keep my walls from blowing out. Even with my shallow slope roof of 3 on 12. I could also make some what of a structural ridge beam by nailing two 2x8 together and building post on top of the top plate of walls. The addition is 12'x20' the distance from floor to existing roof is 9'8". The distance from the floor to the top plate is 8'. The existing roof is 3 1/2" on 12. The 20' side is attached to existing house common wall so I'm coming 12' off of existing house. I do not have time to order trusses and don't have to worry about codes and inspectors due to living in rural area. I am never planning on selling the house. I started the addition due to wife expecting and not a lot of planning cause we have a short mount of time to get the room finished. I'm not stupid I'm in concrete business just not pro framer lol. The main question is about collar ties and structural ridge beam but any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.
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Unfortunately, it would be a good idea to consult an architect who knows the local codes, especially if you intend to file plans with the building dept. I don't know about TX but here, in NY, that would be the only way.

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