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Timberline Timberline Natural Shadow shingles with lifetime warranty?

Timberline Timberline Natural Shadow shingles with lifetime warranty?


Old 02-22-14, 09:42 PM
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Timberline Timberline Natural Shadow shingles with lifetime warranty?

I’m building my third shed in five years. On the first two I put “Timberline Natural Shadow” light brown shingles which then came with a 30year warranty. I got the same for this third shed, so that all the roofs would match and noticed that the same type (Timberline Natural Shadow) now carries a lifetime warranty. But they look the same to me. Was anything really changed?

Which really raises the next more important question:
Are these shingles really expected to last a lifetime as the warranty implies? Or is this just a lifetime commitment to replace them, if you are still the original owner, if you remember that there was a warranty, if the company is still around, etc., in other words the company expects that few will exercise the warranty so they just pretend the shingles will really last a lifetime and then deal with the minor costs of replacing the shingles for the few who end up calling on the warranty?

This is not that much of an issue for the sheds, as they are easy to reroof. But I’m also planning to reroof my house soon. Being not that young anymore, I’d rather this be my last reroof (by choosing a good shingle, not by kicking the bucket early).
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Old 02-23-14, 06:29 AM
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Of course you'd have to read all the warranty to find out all the "gotchas". Who's lifetime? Is it transferrable? Is it the lifetime of the shingle? Who determines this? Does the warranty cover replacement of materials only? Is it prorated? I believe Timberline requires 5 nails per shingle. May not, but if it does, and you only have 4, then no warranty.
Old 02-25-14, 06:53 PM
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If I recall correctly, that particular shingle is made by GAF (formerly GAF-Elk). I had dealings with that company a few years ago, and the experience was not a good one. The factory regional rep had a difficult time keeping his stories straight, while contradicting the IRC roofing code section, among other things. Suffice it to say, I would never purchase another roof from them.

If you want to install your last roof, go with metal.
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That is a marketing gimic. If you ask people who have actually had to make claims they will tell you the actual dollar amount they get is a pittance, some small pro-rated amount that doesn't include labor and doesn't even come close to covering replacement. And they typically have to jump through hoops just to get that. If your roofer didn't do everything perfectly and the shingle rep comes out and finds installation issues the defect will get chalked up to a bad install and you could be screwed.

At some point most of these things had 20 or 25 year warranties. Then as a marketing ploy one manufacturer upped theirs to 30 years without changing anything. So to stay competetive everybody followed suit. ALSO without changing anything. I think the 40-plus year shingles have some more heft and substance to them as compared to the ones that are 20-30 or less, but beyond that warranty by itself isn't really a good way to rate one single vs. another.

Warranty also has little bearing on how long a shingle will actually last. This will vary by region, climate, installation technique, and roof design. A 30 year shingle can get a quality install and last 20 years on some homes and 30 years on some others.

If you really want your next roof to last forever I wouldn't even look at asphalt. That is the most common roof in North America because they are cheap and easy to install. Alot of newer construction American homes are built to support the weight of a shingle roof and would need structural modifications to support heavier materials. Those are the reasons asphalt is used, not because shingles last the longest. Look at metal or tile options to get 50-plus years out of a roof. I was recently in Germany for vacation. Did not see one single Asphalt shingle roof. All tile, and many of them have been in place for 100-plus years. Made me wonder what European roofers must think of these cheap, dinky little shingle roofs that Americans seem to love spending many thousands of dollars to replace every 20 or 30 years.

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