turbine vs dormer vents on roof

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turbine vs dormer vents on roof

We are having new vents installed on our roof. We are choosing between turbines or dormer vents. Is either one superior to the other as far as venting heat out of the attic?

I live in california, lots of heat, little rain, no snow. We have a set of gable vents on our home, but it isn't cooling off the attic very well due to the high temps around here.

Any tips, info or suggestions? Thanks!
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Passive ventilation is always the best because it works without any power. It DOES require both high and low vents and it will never achieve an attic temperature equal to the outside temperature as it is a temperature differential that drives it. It is NORMAL for the attic temperature to run 20 or 30 degrees higher than the ambient outside temperature so what you think of as hot may be normal. The ideal venting solution is soffit venting along with continuous ridge venting. The soffit vents MUST have insulation displacement chutes (baffles to prevent the attic floor insulation from blocking the free flow of air from the soffits to the interior of the attic) or else there will be no air flow. If you have no soffit vents then mushroom ventilators can be added low on the roof to bring in air just above the attic floor insulation. Warning, the mushroom ventilators are ugly.

Gable vents are generally not recommended along with ridge venting except when there are no soffit vents and the gable vent is situated low in the gable, just above the top of the attic floor insulation.

Turbine vents generally only work when the wind is blowing although they MAY turn if you have sufficient soffit venting. Turbines, being mechanical devices suffer from worn bearings, rust and often make irritating noises.
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I would not install turbine vents if I had another choice. I have them on several of my rental homes and they are a source of trouble every few years. Occasionally they can let water in, especially with a heavy rain and little or no wind. Then if a branch hits them they easily bend and no longer rotate or make a squeaking sound or they simply get knocked over.

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