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downspout relocation

Any suggestions on how to relocate this downspout (by the trashcan)? I'm having trouble with water getting into the crawlspace and I'm wanting to move this downspout. Thanks!

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I think moving the downspout could be a problem.The only other location I could see would be next to the porch, which would probably not help with the water problem.

A suggestion, some of which depends on the slope of your driveway:
If you could extend and redirect the bottom of the downspout- I'd extend it almost as far as the sidewalk (don't want a tripping hazard), and "re-aim" the discharged water to the right in your picture, presuming that the slope of the driveway is away from the house. The caution would be regarding icing during the cold months.
Good luck with your situation.
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Looks to be angled so it spits the water directly against the foundation, defeating the purpose of having downspouts and gutters in the first place. Normally the downspout just terminates in one elbow at the bottom. That is a wierd design that looks like a couple elbow pieces were combined specifically to route the water that way, making me wonder if icing on the driveway was something that happened in the past and that modification was someone's attempt to solve the problem.

If that's me I'm going to fasten a Home Depot extension or else just some flexible plastic tubing to the end and curve it around so the water shoots out across the grass in the direction of the walkway. They sell hard plastic flexible and adjustable-length extensions that can be screwed on at the end of the downspout for that reason. Probably won't deposit it right onto the walk way, but I'd stop it just before so it isn't a tripping hazzard and there's less likelihood of roof water re freezing on the walkway. If icing on the walkway becomes an issue, just shorten it or turn it in another direction during severe cold snaps.

Another option is to cut the end off and put a different elbow on so the water is deposited where the driveway slops away, but there is greater possibility of icing on the driveway in freezing temps.

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I understand why they put it on the side of the wall instead of on the front face of the wall, but I think it belongs on the face, about 6" to 7" to the left of its current location. This would allow you to put the bottom of the downspout directly into a downspout-PVC adapter and bury a solid 4" PVC drain pipe that leads away from the house, under the sidewalk, to a popup drainage emitter that is at least 10 ft away from the home. The best sort of popup elbow will come with the emitter kit and will be the kind that has a small weep hole in it to drain the water that would otherwise be left standing in the pipe. (like the one in this picture).

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