Metal vs shingle roof


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Metal vs shingle roof

Getting ready to replace the roof on my house of 17 years. Builder obviously used cheap shingles and marginal installation techniques. I live in Northern IN. No shade on the roof and on top of a hill and get a lot of wind..especially with the spring storms.

Looking for opinions on metal vs traditional shingle roof? Have already discussed with one roofer a heavier, wind resistant (up to 135 mph) shingle installation.

Plan to have a complete tear off, deck inspection, new boots, drip edge, ice dam, etc.

Also need opinions/thoughts on ridge vent installation. I currently have 9 traditional (through the roof) vents.

Many thanks....
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I'll get you started with some questions.
Type of metal roof? Standing seam, box store panels, shingle style, and more.

Slope of your roof?

What is the roof going over? In some cases, like a vaulted ceiling they will want to add a full layer of rigid insulation with the metal over that.

What shingles are you considering?

Do you currently have an ice problem?

Do you have vented soffits and how much venting?

How complicated is the roof?

Would snow avalanching down from a metal roof be a problem? Be sure your insurance company agrees with you.

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I've put a couple metal roofs on some of my rental houses as a test. It's still too early for me to say love it or hate it but I like them enough to give it a try.

A truly proper installation would have no visible fasteners though that is a rarity with the modern batch of roofs I see. Next I would avoid roofs that have fasteners in the valleys and prefer to only see them on the ridges. 10'000 screws, each with it's own little rubber washer is just asking for at least a few to leak and they can leak especially if the screw is not driven in square. I have found a few leakers on one of my houses and it took about 5 years for them to become apparent since they don't let a lot of water through but it may be more a concern where you have ice daming.

I have noticed that colors do fade. And I think colors are brighter than they appear in samples judging by the houses I have seen with scary bright red or blue roofs. Over 3-5 years they fade to something less offensive but ask to see an actual installation of the color you want. On colored roofs I've noticed faded and unfaded ares shaded by the standing seams. I've also seem some of what I think should have been brown roofs but have a strong red cast in full sun. Personally I would only go for something like gray where there is not much that can go wrong color or fading wise.

Just like shingles everything depends on the quality. A steel roof will eventually rust. How long until it rusts depends on the quality of it's protective coatings and an installer that does not scratch the coating. Even if there is a warranty how is it supported? Prorated or even if it covers the full cost it's usually for material only which is only a fraction of the roofing cost.

Lastly since you are in Maine. Do you have gutters? Do you have landscaping below the roof's edge you don't want crushed. In the mountains of NC code requires gutters but up in the mountains most survive the first winter. Massive sheets of snow sliding off the roof rip off gutters and crush the shrubbery below. Horizontal bars on the roof work best to hold the snow in place but also catch the most branches and leaves in fall. Individual snow guards can work if installed in sufficient quantity which is it's own expense.
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The OP is in Indiana. But the gutters comments are still pertinent, to him and any others thinking about going with metal roofing.

I lived in a log house with metal roofing for 5 years in southern Colorado, at almost 8000 feet elevation. Lots of snow, and very few gutters on the mostly-metal roofed houses in the subdivision. That roof's metal was a dark green, and although it was at least 20 years old when we moved out, it still had very little fading and looked quite good. I wouldn't hesitate to go with metal again, as I like the look and performance of it compared to asphalt shingles. Even better-quality asphalt shingles are usually ready for replacement after 20 years of service.
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From what I've seen, there is a big difference in the quality of the coating on the factory painted metal roofs. Locally, I've seen some that had noticeable fading in just a few yrs while others look good 10+ yrs later. The metal roofs can be painted as/when needed but any onsite applied coating won't last near as long as a factory finish. The roofs also come in various gauges, IMO thicker is always better.
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Answers to Bud9051 questions.

I have no idea what type of metal roof to consider...hence my post to this forum.

I think the slope of my roof is 6-12 or 7-12.

I plan to have the existing roof completely removed... currently it has particle board decking.

Not aware of any ice dam problem over the last 17 years.

I don't have vents on the soffits... but do have 9 square vents on the east side of my house. 6 on the house... 3 on the garage.

The roof is really a simple roof... my house plus the garage is 30' wide and 90' long. The only area that would need flashing is on the west side of my house where the garage roof meet the house.

Snow coming off the off would only be a problem on the side where the garage door is.
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Replaced a shingle roof with metal about 20 years ago. NO problems. Slope is 3 1/2 -- 12 (17 - 18*). Most metal buildings are 2 - 12 pitch.
If you do the job you will need safety harness and ropes to stay on metal at the steep slope you mentioned.
Last construction projects I did before retiring were metal roof. One had a 5 - 12 pitch and was difficult to stay on while screwing it down.
Go for it as you shouldn't have to redo in your lifetime.
I use R Panel roofing White paint for cooler attic.
Not an ad, just example from my area.
R-Panel | Mueller Inc

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currently it has particle board decking.
PB or OSB? ..........
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I think it's OSB. I'll have to get up in the attic to confirm

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