What am I missing here?


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What am I missing here?

I'm just not getting getting something about shingle roof edges at eaves. You have a layer of roofing felt over a bare deck. It's usually just stapled to the roof deck. On eaves it's placed over the drip edge. Then you have a starter strip or starter shingle on top of that. If it's a strip it adheres to the felt. If it's a starter shingle it's not adhered to anything underneath. Then you nail a shingle on top of all this about 6" up from the eave edge.

In other words, in the 6" or so from the edge of an eave everything depends on (at most) the roofing paper, which is held down by some staples. Rainstorm = wind = windblown rain. What is supposed to hold it all down at the eaves? What stops these three layers from flapping up on the bottom 6" in a gust of wind and collecting water under the roofing paper? Shouldn't edges of the felt be cemented to the deck, and starter courses be cemented to the felt?

On rakes it's a bit better, at least the felt is under the drip edge and there's a nail near the rake edge of the shingles.

Maybe consider this an "engineering" question!
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Your starter strip will have some "tar" on the back side that will help it adhere to the felt. You will also put a new shingle on top of the whole thing (Drip edge, felt, start strip) and that weight and stiffness of all of that will keep the edge down. Around here, we also use ice and water shield at least 3' up from the edge of the roof. This is a sticky layer that is put down first to the deck before the drip edge. The plan of all this is if water was to get under the shingle it will come out on top of the felt, not onto the wood deck.

You might be over thinking this. Go over to your neighbors house and see how easy it is to lift up the first row of shingles.
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I like the plan with the ice and water shield at eaves. But it's too late for my project. I did check my neighbor's roof edge and it was the same as my original shingles - cement at edges under the felt all around. So those shingles don't budge.

I did find high-wind instructions for their starter strip on the Owens-Corning web page. They say to nail the starter every six inches 1" above the glue strip, which puts the nails about 2-1/2" above the eave edge. That isn't in their diagrams. Makes much more sense to me.

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