Are Aura vents as good as turbine roof vents?


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Are Aura vents as good as turbine roof vents?

I need to replace a couple of old turbine roof vents.

I came across these other vents called "Aura vents" which claim to be as good as the turbine ones and with no moving parts.

Has anyone ever used these or do you think they'll be as good as the turbines?
Here's the link:


Thanks for any info.

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I'll take a good whirlybird over any other. They are efficient no operating cost and easy install. I've been in ac trade 26 yrs. I totally understand removal of heat from a space not desired. They will cut your cooing cost down by aiding in removing heat by simply spinning and scooping hot air out. Good luck to you.
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I'd be getting rid of the old style vents and installing a ridge vent.
A ridge vent will vent the whole roof not just a circle and look a whole lot better.
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Attic venting requirements depend upon what is up there.

If just insulation, then air sealing and more insulation is top priority, If your ac unit and or ducts are up there then even improved venting is not enough.

To compare the unit you asked about to a standard turbine we would need to know more about the product, your house, and prevailing winds. My guess is there may be some differences, but not enough to be concerned about.

Tell us what is up there and maybe we can offer some more suggestions.

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Personally, I just don't get the idea/physics behind turbine vents...since there are no fins or vanes that extend into the attic space. Mine turn on hot summer days even when there is no wind. That's because of the hot air rising. just like those little Christmas decorations that use the heat of a candle to spin the angels and ring the bells. How a does a breeze pull anything but a miniscule amount of air out by venturi effect?

Take a fan, face it towards another fan, and turn it on. Does the un-powered fan spin? Of course, but it's not drawing anymore air into the flow, and is actually slowing down the airflow by absorbing the energy needed to turn the blades.

Passive ventilation with no moving parts is the way I would go, and a ridge vent is at the very peak (hottest part of the attic). That bathes the entire underside of the roof if combined with adequate soffit venting.

Every 2 yrs or so I have to go up and adjust and lubricate the turbines on my roof as without fail one starts squeaking as it slowly turns.
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The house is 1800sf. It's got a low pitched roof, I think 4ft at the peak. The attic is probably 3500 cubic feet at the most.

It's got some soffit vents, a gable vent on each end of the house and currently two old busted whirlybird turbines.
Just need to replace the turbines for now.

Does anyone know the CFM performance of the Lomanco Whirlybirds? I've googled a bit but I can't really find it. Nothing on the Lomanco website.

I also came across the Duraflo Weatherpro Turbo ventilator which, at least in the following demo video, seems to outperform a turbine ventilator.

No CFM data on the Duraflo ventilator though.

Which one do you guys think would be the best ventilator of these three, a Lomanco Whirlybird turbine, an Aura ventilator or a Duraflo Weatherpro Turbo ventilator?


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