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What is the formula for calculating the number of nails per square of roof? I need conventional and coil numbers. How long should the be if overshingling with no paper?
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Buy a box (of either type) before you start the project. That is the only way you will purchase the pnuematic nails. If you find you need more at some point, go gt them. Length should be the thickness of the sheathing and then add an inch since you are thinking about a roof over. My question is why a roof over? You are looking at a pretty sizable investment, in both time and material, to reroof a house. Why do it in a manner that will shorten the life of the new roof by up to 50%? Personally, I don't care a lot for roofing. It's too hard on these old knees and back. If I can find a way to put off the chore for 8 or 10 years, I will. If that means tearing off the old roof and putting the new one on 30# paper, just so I don't have to worry about it for another 20 or 25 years, that's the way I would do it.Leaves me more time for the important things -- like fishin'!!
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hey worf hows things on the enterprise?haha Ok the way we figure for amount of nails we need is determined on how many nails per shingle,mosyt places i have roofed use four but here in carteret county nc code calls for six per( makes no sense to me, more holes weaker shingles in my mind)but anyway if you use four figure one coil to a bundle of shingles.There are 120 nails per coil so....figure how many bundles times how many coils forget offhand how many in a box but any way if you are going over another roof you have to set your compressor at the right pressure too much you blow through new shingles not enough you dont penetrate the deck.roof over 1 3/4 new 1-1 1/4 agree with lefty try not to get on hose roofs too much anymore myself
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Don't know if you care or not, but NO manufacturer will warranty their product on an overlay. Our code doesn't allow it. Strip the roof. Some won't warranty if its put on with a pneumatic nailer.

Not much fun, good luck

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